My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
13 Have To Take Revenge For Song Xia...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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13 Have To Take Revenge For Song Xia...

After having dinner, Song Xia lay down on the fluffy pink bed. She was about to sleep when she heard a knock on the door. She scratched her head, ''Who would've come this late?! Ruining my beauty sleep!'' She walked towards the door lazily and opened it to see... Tang Yan. Tang Yan entered the room and sat on the bed. Song Xia yawned as she yelled, ''What the hell are you doing, knocking at my door THIS late at night?!'' Tang Yan pouted and spoke with a disappointed look, ''What? Can't I come here?'' Song Xia rolled her eyes in annoyance and said, ''Can you please tell the reason why you came into my room?!''

Tang Yan put on a hurt expression and spoke, ''I was here to give you something! Here!'' Song Xia looked at the phone in his hands. It was her phone, but what was it doing with him?! She suspiciously stared at Tang Yan as if he was a thief. She opened her mouth, ''How did MY phone end up with you?!'' Tang Yan's expression looked worse and he quickly replied, ''That night, I found it in your car! Your phone's screen was all broken but in these one and half year, I fixed it for you!'' And now you're repaying my kindness by suspecting me?! How cruel... Song Xia shrugged, ''Thanks. Now, Can you please leave? It's already nine! Don't you think you're ruining my beauty sleep?!''

Tang Yan's face darkened even more and he stood up, walking towards the door. He then stopped and shouted, ''Goodnight!'' Have a very bad night!! NO sweet dreams at all! All scary nightmares only! Filled with ghosts and monsters!! He finally left the room. Song Xia mumbled, ''Goodnight!'' She then look at her phone again, He indeed fixed it really well... Tomorrow, I'll treat them to hotpot! Wait... This is Australia, Xia!! Not China! Speaking of which, I really miss home... She laid down and stared at the WeChat messages that her mom sent that night when she 'died'.

[Xiao Xia, where are you? It's already past midnight and you aren't home yet.. I really have a bad feeling about this, Xia... Please come home fast!]

[Xia, are you okay? Don't worry Mother to death, Xia! Wherever you are, please return back home Xia!]

[Xia, please come back home! Everything's fine! We'll help you get divorce! Mother and Father are worried, please return back!]

Her eyes were full of tears but she was holding it back. She didn't want to cry again! She didn't want to! The tears in her eyes dried up and she closed her phone and put it on the bedside table. She slowly stood up and walked towards the window. The night breeze blew her hair in the air, making her look very beautiful and cute. But there was a hint of sadness and loneliness in her beautiful black eyes. She stared at the moon which was very beautiful even if there were some black spots on it. She wanted to be like a moon, beautiful even if there was a black spot but the real world was much more crueler than the expectations.

She closed the window and sat on the bed. I'm going to start afresh from tomorrow! I'll surely return back those pains and hatred to you, be prepared! You have to take responsibilities for what you've done! I'm coming back... She turned off the lamp and closed her eyes. Forget... forget about those painful memories! From tomorrow on, you don't know Song Xia but you have to take revenge on those who backstabbed her!
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》