My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
15 Wanted A Toy, But Got The Whole Toy Store...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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15 Wanted A Toy, But Got The Whole Toy Store...

A grumpy voice came, stopping Li Ming from shouting more, ''XIAO MING!''

The servants and maids looked at the door, Li Ming stopped shouting and also stared at his grandpa. He gritted his teeth and said, ''Grandpa, that witch actually dared to publicize it-'' He was cut off by Li Yuiming's grumpy voice, ''Xiao Ming! She's your wife's sister!'' Li Ming felt hurt and spoke, ''Grandpa! She's not my wife!! I'm not going to marry her!!'' Li Yuiming immediately yelled, ''XIAO MIN-'' Li Yuiming's words stuck on his throat as his body fell forwards. His hands clenched his chest and he cried in pain. The butler who brought Li Yuiming over to Li Ming's room, rushed towards the old man who had just fainted and supported him to stand straight. Li Ming ran towards his grandpa and frowned, ''What happened to grandpa?!'' He heard him call his name and when he turned around, he saw his grandpa lying on the floor... His eyes were full of panic as they quickly brought Li Yuiming to his room.

Li Xing, Li Ming's father, was busy in his office when he was informed that his father, Li Yuiming had a heart attack, he quickly left the office. Li Ming's mother, the head lady of the Li Family, Ji Wang was a well-known painter. Because she loved painting, she used to spend her time in art galleries that she owned. Right now, she was in 'Art Illustrations Gallery'. She was busy in a meeting with the art gallery's owner and the artist. ''Madam Li, I hope you liked my works.'' the artist smiled confidently.

Ji Wang set the cup of tea on the table and said in a happy tone, ''Of course! Mr.Ning's arts are amazing! Actually, I was here to invite-'' She was interrupted by a phone call. Ji Wang smiled, ''Excuse me for a while...'' She then answered the call. Ji Wang coldly spoke, ''What do you think you're doing by calling in the middle of a very important meeting?!'' Xi Luo gulped as he tried to speak in a calm tone but he couldn't help stuttering, ''M-Madam Li.. Something... something happened to Old Master Li..'' He knew really well that Ji Wang didn't like being interrupted but he had no choice. As her manager, he had to inform her about the situations in both Li Mansion as well as her company.

Ji Wang had a change in her expression as she asked him, ''What happened to Father?!'' Xi Luo wiped the cold sweat on his forehead,''Old Master Li... He... he had a heart attack... he's still unconscious... The doctor... said that he... he's reaching his last stages of life... and if it continues...'' He could no longer continue after that. Ji Wang quickly hung up and hurriedly left the gallery. When Ji Wang reached the Li Mansion, she immediately rushed inside.

Old Master Li's Bedroom

Li Yuiming was laying on the bed, unconscious and he looked pale as well. Li Xing was seated on the chair right next to the bed. Li Ming was standing outside the room, his eyes full of tears. His father did not allow him to even enter the room when he found out about the incident earlier. He slammed his fist on the wall, blaming himself for being such a cruel grandson. His grandpa really loved him the most and spoiled him since he was a child. Whenever he wanted a new expensive toy, his grandpa will buy the whole toy store for him. Now, that he wanted him to marry that girl, he refused to the point that his grandpa couldn't stand any longer and had a heart attack. He didn't want to hurt his grandpa, he just wanted to say that he should have the biggest say in his marriage choice.
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》