My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
16 Looks Like Alice from Wonderland...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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16 Looks Like Alice from Wonderland...

At that moment, hurried footsteps could be heard. Ji Wang panted as she leaned her body on the door, exhausted. She rushed inside the room afterwards. However, she stopped on her tracks when she caught a glimpse of her son, Li Ming. Ji Wang walked few steps back to see a crying Li Ming. Ji Wang couldn't see Li Ming's face properly because he was squatting down with his head low. Though she couldn't see his face, she could know from his habit or position that he was crying. Ji Wang tapped on his shoulder gently. Li Ming looked back to see who called her and met with his mother's eyes.

''Mom!'' Li Ming stood up and hugged his mother tightly, crying out loud. Ji Wang was stunned for a second when her eyes met with those red eyes but soon patted her son's back gently. Her heart ached when she saw those sad, lonely eyes, mainly from her dear son. She softly asked, ''Xiao Ming, why are you crying?! And even outside your grandpa's room...'' Li Ming felt his heart shatter into million, billion pieces when hearing those questions.. It's all his fault.. ''Mom, I... I'm sorry... I don't want to hurt grandpa... I just wanted to decide on my future wife...'' he replied with a guilty expression. Ji Wang pulled away from the hug and wiped his tears, ''It's okay... Mother's here...'' She could roughly guess from his words about what happened.

The butler, Xi Luo and many others had seen Ji Wang and wanted to greet her but stopped when they saw Ji Wang disappearing from their sight again. Few minutes passed by, Ji Wang finally entered the room with her son, Li Ming beside her. When Li Xing saw Li Ming, he was enraged, ''Who allowed him to enter father's room?! Get out right now, you b*stard! I don't even want to see your face!'' he shouted at Li Ming who was still silent with his head low.

''I allow him!'' Ji Wang coldly spoke making the atmosphere more tense. Then, there was dead silence in the room, no one dared to say anything.

Meanwhile, Back To Ellen's House in Australia

Song Xia sat on the chair, looking at the latest hairstyles in the magazine. She yawned, bored by the hairstyles in the magazine. Tang Yan shook his head, ''This is the tenth magazine you're looking at today, searching for a new hairstyle! Your current hairstyle is really good, why do you want to change it?!'' Ellen placed the cup of tea on the table and protested, ''What's so good about the current Song Xia?! She's only a bit beautiful than her past self! That's all! As expected of a 'talented' and 'professional' surgeon! Xia, I support you to change your hairstyle cause it really sucks!'' Ellen said matter-of-factly. Song Xia pinched her brows. How did they even end up becoming best friends?!

She put the magazine aside and crossed her arms, ''My life, my rules, my choices.'' She then exclaimed, ''I've decided to become a 'Beauty Queen' first before returning to China and giving them some gifts from me.'' She took a selfie and clasped her hands in joy, ''First step, become social!'' She posted the selfie in her new Weibo account 'Alice In Dreamland'. She had made this account a while ago, but haven't posted anything yet. So, this was her first post. In the selfie, she had made a small heart from her fingers and smiled cutely making her look like a fairy-tale princess. Soon, the pic got many likes, comments and shares.

[Oh my god!! You look like a princess!]

[Goddess Alice, Marry me!]

[She looks so cute and that small heart made my heart fly in happiness!]

[She's not even wearing any fairy or princess dresses but still she looks like a princess!]

[She really looks like Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland'!]
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》