My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
18 Ended Up Becoming The Second Male Lead...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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18 Ended Up Becoming The Second Male Lead...

''Oh right!'' Song Xia flipped her blonde hair and asked, ''How do I look?! Does the new hair color suit me?!'' They were once again astonished by her beauty but they had to keep their coolness in front of her. Ellen said, ''Not bad.'' Tang Yan scoffed, ''Too bad!'' Song Xia rolled her eyes as she left the room with a I-Don't-Care-About-What-You-Just-Said attitude. Tang Yan looked at the 'arrogant' guy and said, ''Breakfast is ready, come have it before it gets cold.'' Ellen lazily yawned, ''Eat it yourself!'' He then left the room as well. Tang Yan rubbed his temples. Were business meetings and dates more important than his priceless and precious breakfast?! He wiped his 'invincible' tears that only he could feel or see and then exited the room.

Song Xia put on the blue dress that she got from Tang Yan. The dress was an off-shoulder dress with flower embroidery in it. It was light blue in color which matched the beautiful sky outside. It was simple and suited Song Xia ery well. She really liked this dress and wanted to wear it but never got a chance to. Song Xia thought that it was a perfect opportunity to wear it today. Song Xia put some light makeup before leaving her room.

Song Xia left the big house, humming a song. She was in a good mood today. Song Xia took a taxi and went to the restaurant her ''boyfriend'' picked for their date. Ellen also left the house at the same time. He couldn't help but feel jealous and envy towards that lucky man. He gritted his teeth as his car drove away to his office.

Meanwhile, a certain someone whose breakfast was ignored for 'date' and 'business meeting' was sitting alone on the large dining table, eating with 'tears' in his eyes. Tang Yan sobbed as he stuffed the food in his mouth. He never expected his joke to backfire him like this. Tang Yan felt lonely and betrayed as his head fell on the plate with a bang. He suddenly realized that there was still food in the plate but he still didn't lift his head. He was alone in this big house which was almost as big as a mansion, without any friend. Tang Yan raised his head and looked at the author with a pitiful expression. Why did you... Why did I end up being the second male lead in this novel?! His face was full of food and the author couldn't help but laugh.

He sharply gazed at the author for a while before crying with those 'invincible' tears. Even the author doesn't like me!!

Zhang Household, China

Zhang Qianmi smiled evilly as she read the e-mail sent by Li Ming. He was apologizing to her and was proposing her at the same time. How could she not feel amused?! She didn't know that old man would have a small heart attack which will count as a blessing in disguise for her. Now she'll be on top of the world while her sister will have to lower her head in front of her whenever she saw her. She laughed out loud which made Zhang Hua startled. He raised his brows as he asked, ''Xiao Mi, what's so good that you're laughing so hard almost making me deaf?!'' She was already a burden to him and she was even trying to step on his head! He won't accept that!

Zhang Qianmi stopped laughing as she said in a sweet tone, ''Daddy! The Li Family has agreed to the marriage proposal!'' She sneered in her heart, this father of hers always saw her elder sister, Zhang Qiao as a diamond and her as a coal. She was used to this treatment of his because ever since she was born, she would be criticized and scolded for small things by her 'father'. That's why she always hated her father and that elder sister who always stole her limelight from her!
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》