My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
19 Someone whom he didn“t want her to see...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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19 Someone whom he didn“t want her to see...

Even though Zhang Qianmi didn't like them, for the inheritance and shares, she had to act like a sweet and obedient daughter and sister. When Zhang Hua heard that the Li Family agreed to the marriage, his anger disappeared in an instant and he held Zhang Qianmi's hands lovingly. ''Xiao Mi, I knew you could do this! After all you are my lovely daughter! I was just angry earlier because you know how much I hate being disturbed! My little princess, tell father if you want anything!'' he said in a gentle tone which was exactly opposite of his tone earlier.

Zhang Qianmi coldly sneered in her heart. Father?! Princess?! Now that the Li Family agreed, he would definitely have to treat me good... She felt angry and disappointed even if she knew it was coming. She smiled and said, ''Daddy, I don't want anything else except...'' Zhang Qianmi intentionally paused. Zhang Hua raised his brows and asked, ''What do you want? Tell father!'' Zhang Qianmi bit her lip and kept quiet. Zhang Hua asked again, ''Xiao Mi, tell your father if you want anything, your father will fulfill for you. Just tell me your request.'' Zhang Qianmi said in a low voice, ''I don't need anything but I just want to... to meet mother once!''

Zhang Hua's hands tightened on Zhang Qianmi's as his expression turned extremely cold when he heard her request. Zhang Qianmi knew her father would never let her meet her mother. She bitterly smiled as she pulled her hands out of his hands and said, ''It's okay, Daddy. I was just a bit emotional earlier so I requested such a thing... Daddy, I'm going to my room, bye.'' Zhang Hua gritted his teeth and pursed his lips afraid that he'll agree to her request for Li Family. Zhang Qianmi ran away to her room while Zhang Hua felt a little guilty. But what could he even do, her mother was someone he didn't want her to see...

At a high-class restaurant, Australia

Song Xia frowned as she looked at the time, it had already been half an hour and he still hasn't come. She thought that he must've encountered some important matters or maybe he was stuck in traffic. His name was Alex, she had dated him online only a few days ago. She just wanted to move on from her first love and that 'bastard' so she decided to date a guy online. She didn't really care about the guy but just wanted to give it a try. So she randomly picked this guy and chatted with him everyday. He seemed nice but he might be acting like a nice guy so she didn't get too close to him, just chatting like friends. Yesterday, he asked out her on a date, Song Xia couldn't be rude to reject so she agreed to have a date. But now, this guy hasn't showed up yet, wasting her precious time. Song Xia pinched her nose as she decided to wait for a little longer.

One minute passed by...

Two minute...

Five minutes passed by...

He still didn't show up. Song Xia found out that the manager and waiters were staring at her, arrogantly. She noticed that they were looking at her like that because she was here for more than half an hour but still didn't order anything! Song Xia awkwardly picked up the menu from the table and skimmed through it. The menu had everything she had already tasted before which didn't arise any interest from her. At last, she ordered Chicken Parmigiana and black coffee. Indeed, a coffee lover~ Song Xia forgot about the guy who didn't show up and started to take pictures and selfies and posted on Weibo.

[Having delicious lunch in XXX Restaurant~! Yummy Chicken Parmigiana with my favorite black coffee~! Hope you guys have an Amazing day with your loved ones~! Your Alice.]

Song Xia sipped her black coffee as she glanced at the door. Still not here yet... She sighed as her eyes landed on her phone's screen. Her eyes brightened and her spirit as well. Her little fans had already increased to thousand. So, her Weibo post exploded with comments, shares and likes.

[Ohhhhhhh~! Our princess Alice finally posted her beautiful and heavenly selfies!]

[I feel like I'm flying in the sky~~! Princess Alice, marry me!]

[Princess Alice, why don't you have mercy on us?! Here I was thinking of dieting and I see your post of Chicken Parmigiana! Then, I immediately get out of my house and get some for myself! Now I'm so fat, I can't move..]

Song Xia laughed as she continued reading the comments, sounds of footsteps was heard. Song Xia lifted her head as her body froze. What... what is he doing here?
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》