My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
20 Pounce Him Over And Bite His Lips...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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20 Pounce Him Over And Bite His Lips...

Didn't he say he was going to the office?! What is he doing here?! Song Xia gulped as her heart pounded very fast. He looks so handsome in a suit... Song Xia shook her head. What kind of weird thoughts am I having?! Ellen lazily entered the restaurant with his usual arrogant attitude. His business partners decided to have lunch and discuss the Project C with him. His eyes uninterestedly moved and stopped at a certain someone, it widened. Xiao Xia?! Their eyes met and the time seemed to have stopped. His heart beat faster like a drum and the tip of his ears turned red, she looked so beautiful. His eyes landed on her pink lips... So tempting... He tried to calm himself down but his heart didn't let him. Song Xia blushed when their eyes met and she froze.

Ellen snapped out of his thoughts as he smiled mischievously. So, the 'boyfriend' was just a fictional character she made up... Song Xia felt nervous as she saw him smile. That smile... made him look even more charming. Song Xia wanted to pinch herself for having weird thoughts again. She bit her lips as she looked away from him. Ellen's smile grew bigger, ignoring me huh? He slowly walked towards her table making Song Xia more nervous. Her heart bounced very fast as she thought it was going to explode. She fiddled with her fingers, nervously. Even she didn't know why she was feeling nervous.

Ellen pulled out a chair for himself and sat right in front of Song Xia. Song Xia fiddled with her fingers more faster. Ellen smirked as he realized that she was nervous. He put his hands on her small hands as he said, ''Xia, stop fiddling your small cute hands. Poor cute fingers!'' Song Xia's body froze and her fingers stopped fiddling. What shocked her even more was that Ellen lifted her hands with his and kissed her hands. Song Xia felt as if her heart was stuck on her throat, her beautiful eyes widened. He... he kissed her hands?! When did he suddenly become so flirty?!

Ellen said in a teasing manner, ''Are you surprised that I kissed your hand instead of your lips?'' Song Xia's cheeks immediately turned red as a tomato and she blinked. Ellen then continued, ''Don't worry, you'll get your kiss soon~'' Song Xia felt so embarrassed and flustered. She had never felt this way before, she felt anxious. What was happening to her?! She just felt her heart race a few times when Long Chen was around, but now it was happening when she was around Ellen. Is it... love?! NO!! Song Xia calmed herself down as she struggled to get her hands out of his. ''Ellen, let go of my hand! I'm telling you, Ellen. If you don't let go then I'll...I'll...'' Song Xia once again felt embarrassed. Please God!! Help me!!

Ellen was stubborn, ''You'll what? Pounce me over and kiss me?'' Song Xia was speechless. Pounce you over and kiss you?! More like pounce you over and bite your lips- wait, Xia what are you talking about?! Song Xia wanted to slap herself so much. She hurriedly spoke, ''Let go of me! Please, I'll do whatever you want me to do!! Please!!'' Ellen smirked and he asked, ''Really? Anything?'' Song Xia replied without thinking once, ''Yes! I promise!''

Ellen let go of her hands as he reminded her, ''Don't forget about your promise later! Oh right, where is your so-called 'boyfriend'?!'' Song Xia massaged her temples as she replied, ''That b*stard stood me up!'' Ellen was surprised with her reply and simply comforted her, ''Don't worry, Xia! You already have someone more charming, and more manly who won't stand you up!'' Song Xia looked at him with sparkle in her eyes, ''Who?'' Ellen smiled, of course the one and only charming CEO, Ellen a.k.a. me!
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》