My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
24 She Herself Didn“t Know She Was His Sister...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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24 She Herself Didn“t Know She Was His Sister...

Everyone stared at Song Xia, stunned. Tang Lao knitted her brows as she bit her lip. So, the girl she just called a low-class 'ordinary' girl actually turned out to be The Tang Shixiao Corporation's youngest heir! Tang Long who had asked the question to embarrass Song Xia, his back stiffened when he heard that. His smile also froze as he trembled slightly. S-she is the daughter of his most powerful enemy, Tang Shixiao! He didn't expect him to have a daughter as well.. If his son was so intelligent and smart then this daughter won't be ordinary.

Ellen stared at Song Xia in disbelief. She... she actually claimed to be that guy's sister! He raised his brows as he asked in a low voice, "How come I didn't know you were that brat's sister?"

Song Xia rolled her eyes as she sipped her black coffee that was about to finish, "I also didn't know." she whispered. She paused for a moment to sip her black coffee and continued, "I was just kidding. Moreover, it was his fault that he asked in the first place, trying to embarrass me in front of you. I'm just so amazing to have such an amazing back-up plan!" She said as she flipped her blonde hair. Ellen felt mesmerized by her beauty but soon recovered his senses and put on an arrogant look on his face.

Tang Lao poked the food in her plate with the fork, trying to release her jealousy and anger out on the food. Even the onlookers felt pity for the food. Tang Long signaled his daughter to execute the Plan with his eyes. Tang Lao immediately understood her father's hint and she finally put the fork down. Tang Lao smiled as she asked, "Sister Xuan, will you join me in the washroom?" Her eyes sparkled as she asked that to Song Xia who was going to order another cup of black coffee.

Song Xia narrowed her eyebrows as she coldly said, "Why would I?" She simply meant 'Why would I if I don't want to?'. Tang Lao felt ashamed as her face turned red full of anger. If she wasn't the daughter of The Tang Shixiao Corporation's CEO, she would've already scratched her face with her long manicured nails! She tried to suppress her anger as she laughed, "Hehe.. Sister Xuan seems to hate me so much... But it's okay, Sister Xuan! I'll manage myself."

Tang Lao went to the washroom and yelled in anger. "How dare she! That b*tch! She stole Brother Ellen from me and now she's even showing attitude to me! I'll make her pay..." She glanced at herself in the mirror, her mind couldn't help but compare her face full of heavy makeup with Song Xia's beautiful face with light makeup. She immediately threw the glass to the mirror, in fury. What she didn't expect was that the glass will return flying towards her. "Ahhh!"


Tang Long noticed that his daughter had been away for more than half an hour and still hadn't returned. He nervously looked at Ellen, "Mr.Ellen, my daughter seems to have lost her way! Naturally, she doesn't take much time as she's taking right now..." Ellen realized the man's hidden motive and looked at Song Xia, "Dear, shall we??" Song Xia sipped her black coffee and frowned listening to Tang Long. Only a fool won't be able to tell what he was hinting to...

Her heart skipped a beat when she heart Ellen call her 'Dear'. It felt so good to be called that by him.. She nodded her head slightly. Just when they were about to stand up from their seat, Tang Lao came with tears in her eyes. Tang Long frowned seeing his spoiled daughter's face. "What happened to your face, Xiao Lao?" he asked with worry in his eyes.

Tang Lao didn't say anything but walked straight to her chair and sat down, crying. She hugged the man sitting beside her tightly as she sobbed, "Brother Ellen, I learned today that... that humanity doesn't exist in this world!" Any guy who would see her crying would have his heart aching but Ellen was different. He didn't feel anything seeing her cut face.
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》