My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
25 The Lady In Red Was Responsible For The Cuts...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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25 The Lady In Red Was Responsible For The Cuts...

Any guy who would see her crying would have his heart aching but Ellen was different. He didn't feel anything seeing her face covered with cuts. Son Xia who was going to stand up with Ellen, was speechless. This... Her eyes turned icy cold as she stared at her hugging Ellen's right arm tightly. How dare she touch him...

Song Xia leaned her back on the chair as she crossed her legs, calmly sipping her black coffee. Secretary Han who was sitting right in front of her, gulped. Why was she looking at him like that?! Wait, she wasn't looking at him... Secretary Han turned his head around and realized that she was looking at a lady wearing a red dress, who was also looking at Song Xia with an evil smirk. Madam, don't you worry. I'll end this b*tch once and for all!

Ellen pushed Tang Lao coldly as he reminded her, "Ms.Tang is going overboard." He quickly glanced at Song Xia who was sipping her black coffee like nothing happened and her eyes were also somewhere else other than him. Ellen frowned, did this girl even see that Tang girl hug me?! He wanted to see her acting all jealous but what he saw in her eyes was indifference and extreme coldness while looking at a certain direction.

Ellen just let it go as he took a bite of his bread, pouting. Tang Lao clenched her teeth as she tried to calm herself down after being pushed away so harshly. Just wait, you b*tch, wait until my plans succeed and then I'll see who will back you up anymore. Tang Long felt relieved seeing his daughter's expression. She must've something up her sleeve...

Suddenly, a loud voice was heard, "Oh, it's Ms.Xuan! Long time no see, Ms.Xuan!" She walked towards the Table No.5 as she exclaimed. Everyone including Song Xia looked up to see the lady in the red dress with her hair tied in a bun.

Tang Lao's eyes widened and she mumbled in a fearful voice, "S-she... how could she be here?" Tang Long glanced at his daughter as he asked, "Xiao Lao, do you know her?! Tell father!" Tang Lao sobbed as her eyes turned red, "Daddy, she... she's the one who hurt my face..." Ellen narrowed his brows as he stared at the lady in red. This... how come she knows Xia and I don't know her?!

Song Xia looked at her with her eyes filled with indifference and calmness. The lady in red seemed impatient, "Ms.Xuan, don't you remember me? I'm Su Min, you called me today to hurt that girl- I mean... don't you remember me?!" Su Min intentionally mentioned Tang Lao and paused so that no one would suspect her for accusing Song Xia falsely. Everyone stared at Song Xia after listening to Su Min. Secretary Han who had seen the lady smirk, had his suspicions but dared not speak. What if what she just said was true?! Tang Lao burst out in tears as she asked in a tone of being wronged, "Sister Xuan... I thought of you as a sister and you.. What did I ever do to you?!" She cried out loud gaining the attention of more people.

"What a pity! What that poor girl said was indeed true.. Humanity doesn't exist in this cruel world full of people like that b*tch!"

"How can a girl do that to another girl! She even tried to hurt the girl when she failed to stop her from chasing her man..."

"Her man? Why do I feel like she snatched that guy from the poor girl! I thought she looked innocent but now that this 'Su Min' arrived, I'm disgusted by how thick her skin is!"

Listening to the gossip about Song Xia being thick-skinned, Tang Long smirked. So, this daughter of his wasn't that bad...
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》