My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
26 Was Unsatisfied To See Only Small Cuts...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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26 Was Unsatisfied To See Only Small Cuts...

Song Xia calmly glanced at the crying Tang Lao and Su Min then she unhurriedly sipped her coffee. Tang Long gritted his teeth as he roared at the calm Xia, "You thick-skinned woman! How dare you hurt the daughter of Tang Long's?! And you're even trying to deny it!!" Hearing Tang Long, Song Xia placed the cup of her black coffee on the table and sneered, "When did I ever deny it, Mr.Tang?" Tang Long's whole body froze as he stared at Song Xia with his eyes widened.

He quickly yelled, "Are you agreeing to it right now?! So you're actually the one behind it! What has my daughter ever done to you to hurt her like that?!" Song Xia scoffed, "Mr.Tang, if I ever wanted to hurt her, then I wouldn't have done it so simply." She then walked towards Tang Lao who was crying and gaining everyone's pity and sympathy. When Tang Lao saw Song Xia approaching her, she was a little taken aback. Song Xia closed in and grabbed Tang Lao's chin tightly as she slowly lifted it up. The people around them narrowed their brows.

"What is she trying to do to the victim?!"

"How dare she try to hurt the girl right in front of us?!"

"Let's stop her!"

Just as they were about to stop her, Song Xia coldly glared at them, warning them not to interfere. She returned her gaze to Tang Lao's face covered with cuts and examined it. Tang Lao cried in pain on her chin, "Ahhhhh!! Someone help me!!! She's trying to hurt me!!!" Song Xia sharply gazed at Tang Lao and continued to look at her face from every angle. Looking at Song Xia's sharp glare at her, Tang Lao shut her mouth immediately but still sobbed. Song Xia straightened her back and looked at Su Min, unsatisfied.

Song Xia crossed her arms as she said in a tone full of dissatisfaction, "Tsk, Ms.Su, I gave you so much money to ruin her 'beautiful' face completely but her face only has some cuts! I'm totally disappointed with your work! I spent so much for nothing but small cuts?! How do you explain this?!" All the people including Ellen were dumbfounded. Su Min furrowed her brows as she looked at Song Xia. Tang Lao also stopped sobbing and stared at Song Xia in a daze. She actually... She actually admitted that she was the one who hurt me?! But something doesn't seem right...

Tang Long smirked but soon he growled, "You...! You are openly admitting that you were the one who hurt Xiao Lao?!! Everyone, see this woman admitted that she hurt my poor daughter! You all have witnessed that this woman admitted to her crime!" Ellen rolled his eyes as he looked at Tang Long like he was an idiot. He then stared at Song Xia and sighed. This girl.. Let's see how she'll handle this situation... The crowd whispered to each other.

"Damn! This girl! She even dared to admit it right in front of us!"

"Ruin her face?! How could she be so cruel to try to ruin her face! A face is really important for each and every woman!"

"Thank god! That girl didn't succeed in her evil schemes!!"

"I pity that girl! Not only did she have to endure the pain of watching her loved one with another girl but also have to endure the physical pain of being cut on the face!"
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》