My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
27 Too Beautiful That He Can“t Take His Eyes Off Her...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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27 Too Beautiful That He Can“t Take His Eyes Off Her...

Su Min was taken aback for few minutes but she soon said cleverly, "Ms.Xuan, I'm really sorry that she only got some cuts on her face... I really let you down this time! Next time, I'll surely ruin her face!" Song Xia couldn't help but smirk slightly. This woman.. I admit that she's quite clever! Tang Lao cried, "How could you?!! One question is lingering me so much... What did I ever do to you that you're paying me back like this?!" She then turned to Ellen who was staring at Song Xia and she bit her lip. No, Tang Lao. You can't let this woman win Brother Ellen's heart even if it means that you have to hurt yourself...

Flashback: In The Washroom

Tang Lao cried as she looked at her face covered with cuts. She kept looking at her face while thinking to find a solution. I need to kill two birds with a stone! Her eyes lit up as she hastily took out her phone from her purse. She took a deep breath before dialing a familiar number on her phone contacts. The call was answered almost immediately. The other end was a lady in her thirties, "Oh, Ms.Tang, it's been a while since you called me. Who is it this time that dared to offend Ms.Tang?!"

Tang Lao said in an unusually cold tone, "It's a b*tch claiming to be my man's girlfriend. She's just beautiful and a daughter of a rich family! It's the same as the previous one, but this time, accuse her of hurting my face indirectly. Name any price." Su Min's eyes immediately lit up as she smiled, "Ms.Tang, last time I only took 20 thousand yuan from you. This time, I'm just going to ask for only 5 million yuan." Tang Lao sneered in her heart. This woman... She thinks 5 million is ONLY?! She coldly reminded her place to Su Min, "Su Min, I remember that day, two years ago in China, I was in the Yu Mei Mall when I saw you. You were... " Hearing that, Su Min's back stiffened as her face became pale. She quickly cut her and said, "Ms.Tang, let's settle this deal in 40 thousand then! You can send me the address and the details about that sl*t who dared to mess with your man!"

Tang Lao smiled as she ended the call and put her phone back in the purse after sending the address of the hotel and Table No.5. She needn't describe Song Xia because there was only one lady on Table No.5 right now and Su Min could recognize her as well. She smirked evilly as she thought of the consequences that Song Xia would face after this encounter with her!


Meanwhile: On Su Min's end

Su Min quickly arrived at the hotel and she sat on the Table No.4 right in front of Table No.5. She glanced at the woman who had blonde hair and was mesmerized by her beauty. She was shocked to see such a beautiful woman who resembled a fairy-tale princess. Su Min shook her head as she heard a notification sound from her phone. She found a WeChat message from Tang Lao.

[Tang Princess- Have you arrived?]

[Evil Su- Yes, Ms.Tang. I saw that sl*t right now! She's clinging onto Mr.Ellen shamelessly and trying to seduce him.]

*Claps* Someone give this woman an Oscar! Sorry, I was carried away just now! Let's continue. Song Xia stared back at Ellen, "Now what?" Ellen smiled and said, "You're too beautiful that I can't take my eyes off you."

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》