My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
28 Absolutely Correct For The First Time...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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28 Absolutely Correct For The First Time...

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Tang Lao snapped out of her thoughts after she heard Song Xia say, "Ms. Su, you said I called you." Su Min's heart skipped a beat but she didn't show it in her face and nodded her head while Tang Lao felt fear engulfing her heart. What was this woman trying to do?! Will she be able to ruin my plans?

Song Xia continued, "Then you should have my phone number in your call records, right?" Su Min's body froze like a statue after Song Xia finished. Tang Lao gritted her teeth as her hands balled into fists. This woman! How clever is she? No, I can't let this happen... If Su Min makes a small mistake, then my whole plan will go in vain!

Seeing there was no response from the other party, Song Xia scoffed evilly. Before Song Xia could say anything, Su Min hurriedly replied "I think you forgot that you told me to delete your number as others may find out." Hearing it, people started to curse Song Xia.

"This b*tch! How cunning is she?!"

"I'm very shocked seeing someone so evil just before my eyes!"

"Now that her evil tricks are laid on the table, she is still not admitting it!"

Seeing people were supporting her, Tang Lao was more than happy. Tang Xuan, you cannot prove your innocence now!! Su Min also sighed in relief inside her heart but suddenly she felt chill down her spine. She looked at the man who was glaring at her so coldly that she may freeze by the coldness. Ellen became little impatient. He wanted to protect Song Xia and punish them in minutes. How could they ridicule his girl?! Unlike him, Song Xia was way too calm. She looked at him and nodded her head slightly to signal him to calm down. Seeing her gestures, Ellen suppressed his anger but he promised himself that if they will continue to ridicule Song Xia like this, he will definitely take a bold action.

Song Xia moved closer to Su Min which made Su Min to take few steps back. She reached out her hand towards her, "Hand me your phone." Su Min hesitated. She looked at Tang Lao secretly for help. Tang Lao sensed her gaze and nodded her head. She thought there was no evidence left so a single phone cannot do much a thing. Seeing Tang Lao nodding her head as approval, Su Min, without even thinking once, took out her phone and gave it to Song Xia. Song Xia whose eyes were sharp as eagle, obviously saw their exchange of expressions. She took the phone and walked towards Ellen.

Song Xia gave the phone to him and smiled without uttering a single word. Ellen also smiled back and took the phone. He called Secretary Han and whispered something in his ears. Secretary Han nodded his head and left the place with Su Min's phone. Everything happened too fast that Tang Lao and Su Min couldn't react on time. "Where did you take my phone?" Su Min shouted. Song Xia shook her head as she walked towards Su Min, "No no. Ms. Su, the question here should not be where but why did he took your phone, right?..Let me notify you the reason behind it.. But you have to wait a little longer for it." "You.." Su Min was very angry and scared at the same time.

Just at that time, An aged voice rang out, "Tang Xuan.. Don't go overboard. I am warning you. Do you know you are violating many laws?! So, It's still not too late. Apologize to Tang Lao and get lost from this whole area otherwise I will fight you to the end." Song Xia slightly nodded her head looking at Tang Long and chuckled, "Mr.Tang, You are absolutely correct..err for the first time.. Indeed there are many laws that shouldn't be violated.." Then she looked at Su Min "..And if someone violates it, they will have to suffer great consequences with the punishment of the victim as well, am I right Ms. Su?"

Su Min felt really uncomfortable under Song Xia piercing gaze. She could eventually feel her back was drenching in sweat as well as her forehead was covered in cold sweat. *Beep* Song Xia's phone buzzed. After looking at her phone, Song Xia revealed a really scary smile. Now it was time for a huge face-slap!!
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》