My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
29 Real Fighters Never Back Stab Others
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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29 Real Fighters Never Back Stab Others

Song Xia slowly went towards Su Min. Su Min felt like every step of Song Xia was a piercing needle in her heart. Su Min said in a trembling voice, "Miss Xuan, what are you trying to do?" Song Xia smiled and came closer to Su Min's ear, "Do you wanna know why I took your cellphone?..Well Let's get to the point. A Single Mother, A Divorcee, A Prostitute, A Thief, A Drug Addict, Smuggler, A CRI.MI.NAL...What can you not be, huh?"

Su Min knew that something was going to happen for sure but she didn't expect that her whole crime history was known by Song Xia. Su Min's eye's widened as she trembled in fear. "Do you want me to expose it to everybody including...POLICE?" Song Xia said in extremely cold tone. Su Min wanted to kneel down and beg for mercy. But Song Xia stopped her, "I literally don't want this. And I think i don't need to remind you what to do next if you don't want me to call the police."

Su Min understood Song Xia's intention and gulped hard, "Miss Xuan, can you promise me that if I do as you say you wouldn't send me to jail." Song Xia nodded, "I always keep my words." Song Xia said and calmly returned to her seat.

Nobody knew what they were talking with each other silently. There was complete silence. 'Was it silence before a huge thunderstorm?'

Suddenly, Su Min knelt in front of Song Xia. She said while sobbing, "I am sorry, Miss Xuan..Extremely Sorry. I didn't do it in purpose. Ms. Tang told me to do so. I swear she bribed me and told me to frame you in front of everyone so that you will lose face."

The sudden confession caught everyone off guard. They felt it was difficult to digest. Just now Su Min was accusing Song Xia and how the tables took complete turns so fast..

Tang Lao felt as if someone poured a bucket of ice on her. She became red in anger, "Don't frame me! I am the victim here! How can someone hurt themselves for framing others?! I bet that Tang Xuan bribed you just now.. Tell me how much money she offered?!" Song Xia was calm as always. "How thick-skinned you are.. Humph!" said Tang Long pointing at Song Xia.

"Stop!!" Someone shouted. Ellen became impatient this time as he saw the people accusing her. " No one will talk. Now the evidence will talk." Ellen clapped his hand once. The sound echoed throughout the restaurant. Then the door opened following many peoples. They were many men in black suit including Secretary Han.

They stood in front of Ellen and greeted him, "Boss". Then they handed him a bunch of files. Ellen took it and flipped through the pages. Then he handed the files to Secretary Han. "Speak out loud so that everyone who accused Xuanxuan will hear every word clearly." Secretary Han nodded his head, " Yes, Sir." Then he flipped the pages and stated loudly.

"For Everybody's kind information even if we delete someone's phone number from the Call list or Contact list from the phone, it is still recorded and can be taken out through different ways.. So according to the Call Records of Miss Su, We didn't find Miss Xuan number but we found Miss Tang's phone number. It means that there never was Miss Xuan phone number in Miss Su's phone but instead Miss Su was in contact with Miss Tang and later Miss Tang's phone number was deleted. This possibly can never be a coincidence, right?"

Tang Lao face became pale after hearing Secretary Han. "It is false. You all are framing me. The so called call records are fake." Tang Lao was supported by the previous supporters.

"Yes..Yes It can be false. Anyone can just make fake call records."

"Haha, are you trying to fake evidences,now?"

"Really..They are so thick skinned."

Secretary Han coldly stared at them, "Did i tell anyone that I am finished? ..Let me continue first.. Here are some photos I wanna show everybody. In this photos here we can see two ladies sitting in a cafe gossiping about something. Here take a look everyone." He then showed the pictures to them. The picture's quality wasn't that good but the ladies' face was clearly shown. They were Tang Lao and Su Min. In one photo Tang Lao gave a bundle of money to Su Min and threw an expensive jade necklace at her. Everybody was shocked. They clearly got that who actually bribed whom. If they didn't understand this much, they must be a fool.

Tang Lao and Su Min, never in their dreams, thought that they will be exposed like this. Tang Lao didn't want to admit her deeds, "No..This is totally fake.. Yes, it's fake. It's photo shopped. Maybe the girl in the photo is Tang Xuan..They swapped our faces. Don't believe them."

Secretary Han smirked, "Miss Tang, If it's photo shopped then let's look take a look at the video then." He took the Laptop and put a pen drive in it. After a while, he showed them a video. It was a CCTV footage. It was a footage of a classy cafe in china. There were few customers. Then two ladies entered the cafe. Luckily, they sat not too far away and the camera's quality was good. One was showing her back but the other one's face was clearly exposed. She was Su Min. She was handed a package by the other party. Su Min was looking really happy. When the other party stood up and turned around. They all gasped in surprise. She was none other than Tang Lao.

That wasn't the end. The footage of same cafe was displayed but of different time intervals. In every footage, Tang Lao gave Su Min money packages. Secretary Han closed the Laptop and asked, "If Someone didn't understand a certain someone's scheme.. You are free to accuse Miss Xuan."

"This is not True.. This can't prove my de-" Before she could continue, *Slap* Song Xia slapped hard across her face. She had had enough. "You tried to frame me even though I didn't do any harm to you. I was silent but that didn't mean my heart wasn't boiling in rage. I wished that i could tear you apart. The real fighters never back stabs. Stop making everybody fool and yourself too. Just because you have money doesn't mean you can do anything you like. And.."

Song Xia looked at the supporters that supported Tang Lao a moment ago, "You all.. It's good to support others. But first know that who is right and who is wrong then decide whom to support. If I didn't have support of Ellen and the evidences..I think you all might swallow me whole by your big blabber mouths." They looked down and didn't dare to look at Song Xia face to face.

"You b*tch.. You dare hit me.. I will kill you!" Tang Lao charged towards Song Xia who was looking away. But before she could even touch her, the strong men in black suits stopped her. "Let me go! I swear i will kill this b*tch." They tightened their grip. Ellen gestured Secretary Han. Secretary Han nodded and called someone. Soon the police came. Su Min who was still on the floor became pale as white sheet. The police took both Tang Lao and Su Min away. Tang Long also went with them. Slowly the restaurant became empty as Ellen rented the whole place for 1 hour.

Now Ellen and Song Xia were only left. Ellen stood up and walked towards Song Xia. He pulled her in his warm embrace. "No one is here. Relax." As if Ellen's words were magical, Song Xia felt her energy was drained. She silently embraced him tight. Ellen knew Song Xia was very strong but still she was a girl who just woke up after being a comatose for more than a year, she was still weak. Song Xia was physically and mentally prepared for ever challenges..but her heart was afraid and it feared. Though she was calm outside, she was panicking inside. Ellen knew Song Xia well to know how she must be feeling right now. So, he just embraced her and patted her back gently making her feel a lot better.
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》