My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
31 Fighting Over Chips...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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31 Fighting Over Chips...

Song Xia's hands were on her hips as she said, "You two! Why are you bringing my father into this?!" She paused before continuing, "I need to talk about something to you guys."

"What?" Tang Yan and Ellen asked in unison. Then, they both looked at each other at the same time, before immediately looking away. Song Xia sighed as she crossed her arms, "Why is the closet in my room full of pink clothes?! Are you trying to make me a Pink Princess?! I need to go shopping tomorrow to buy some clothes as I can't continue to wear pink clothes everyday..."

Both Tang Yan and Ellen were confused and shocked as they asked, "Isn't pink every girl's favorite color and wouldn't they love to wear pink clothes?!" Tang Yan added, "Xiao Xia, isn't being able to wear pink and beautiful clothes every girl's dream? And you even look so beautiful in pink clothes!"

Song Xia's mouth twitched a little as she scoffed, "Not every girl likes pink! Colors like blue, black, orange and purple are okay for me but I don't really like wearing pink and red clothes particularly as it seems too girly for me to wear.. Though I admit that they suit me well but I don't want to wear pink every day! So, I'm gonna go shopping tomorrow and no one can stop me!" She exclaimed.

Ellen nodded his head as he said, "You can wear anything you want but you needn't go shopping on your own. I'll ask my assistant to buy clothes of your liking. Just simply tell her about your sizes and colors you prefer." Song Xia was reluctant, "You don't need to go through such trouble! What will I even do by staying alone in this big house whole day? So, I'll go to a nearby shopping mall and buy the dresses, just lend me some money, that's it. I'll soon return it back to you after I earn some money by doing jobs."

Ellen frowned as he thought. Lend? Return? Jobs? He said, "Xiao Xia, you don't need to return that money to me! I'll give you my card for you to shop, you needn't do any jobs." You have me! Of course the last sentence was left unspoken. Song Xia spoke, "Ellen, I don't want to owe you or anyone anything. I cannot spend my whole life depending on you two anyways. I need to be independent and for now, I don't have money. When I have, I'll return it back to you soon."

Ellen knew he couldn't win against Song Xia so he let it be. He put the phone on the table and sat beside Tang Yan. Song Xia sat on the armchair next to the couch that the two arrogant peoples were sitting. She crossed her legs as she reached out for the chips, but *slap*. Song Xia looked at Tang Yan sharply, "Did you just slap my hand?!" Tang Yan acted like an overprotective Mommy saving her baby from bullies as he hugged the packet of chips. "Yes, what if I did? How dare you try to eat my dear chips that I bought for myself?!"

Song Xia scoffed, "Why're you being so petty?! It's just a packet of chips! Sharing is caring!" Tang Yan yelled, "I'm not being petty! You two ate dinner already so why should I allow you to eat my part of food?!"

Ellen sighed looking at the two fighting like cats and dogs over a food. He pinched his brows as he said, "You two-" Before he could continue, Tang Yan and Song Xia looked at him sharply and scolded him in unison, "Don't come between us!" Then they glared at each other sharply. "I'm going to have those chips anyway!" Song Xia said as she smirked. Tang Yan harrumphed, "Humph! Let's see if you can snatch this from me!"

The stare intensified as they threw daggers at each other from their eyes. Ellen did not dare to interrupt them after getting scolded. He kept quiet, watching the fight growing bigger like a son watching his mom and dad fighting.

Ellen didn't know what happened or who won the staring competition but he saw Tang Yan running with the chips while Song Xia chased after him. Tang Yan ran around the couch as he teased, "Xiao Xia, you can't even run now. Too bad!" Song Xia narrowed her eyes, pissed off, "Thanks to the medical treatment you provided me all this while!"
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》