My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
32 Taking Advantage Of The Sleeping Xia
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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32 Taking Advantage Of The Sleeping Xia

Tang Yan was speechless. Did she just insult my medical skills?! *Humph* How dare she! He sneered, "If it weren't for me then you would've become a cripple after the accident! No doctor would've been able to treat you then!"

Song Xia narrowed her eyes as she scoffed, "No doctor?! The Song family can afford many professional doctors-"Song Xia stopped talking when she realized what she just said. She bit her lower lip as she blurted out, "Whatever!"

Ellen and Tang Yan noticed her change in expression even though it was for a split second. Tang Yan paused on his tracks and stared at her, dazedly. Song Xia's lips curled up to form a slight smirk and her expression turned mischievous.

She ran towards Tang Yan who was standing still and quickly snatched the chips from him. Tang Yan was stunned for few seconds before he shouted, "SONG XIA!!" He chased after the running Xia angrily.

Ellen shook his head as he picked up the phone from the table. He was very bored watching this cat and dog drama. He looked at his phone and started playing games.

After running for God knows how long, Song Xia and Tang Yan collapsed on the armchairs, exhausted. They panted hard as they laid on the armchairs motionlessly; very tired and sleepy as well. Very soon, they fell asleep because they were very tired from all the running and chasing.

Ellen lifted his head from his phone and looked at them as his stomach grumbled. He smirked as he got a fantastic idea. He slowly put his phone aside as he tiptoed his way to the armchair Song Xia was sleeping and looked at her. He waved his hands in front of her to check if she was really asleep or pretending.

Song Xia didn't even move a muscle and was sound asleep. Ellen smiled as he stared at her arms that were hugging the chips tightly. He lifted his hand and tried to snatch the chips. He failed the first and second time, but the third time was successful.

He looked at the sleeping Xia and smiled. For the first time in his life was he grateful that Song Xia wasn't a light sleeper. Otherwise, he wouldn't dare to think of what would've happened to him if she was.

He carefully returned back to the couch and sat down happily. He looked at the chips in his hand triumphantly and munched them. His tummy was finally satisfied after he finished the chips. He slowly walked towards Song Xia and placed the empty packet of chips in her hands. He evilly laughed in his mind like a villain. He shrank back on the couch as he dozed off.

-Next Morning

Sunlight rays passed through the curtains as the birds chirped outside the window; it was a very beautiful morning until… "AHHHHH!" The birds immediately flew away as they heard a sharp voice which belonged to Song Xia.

Ellen, who was sleeping, fell from the couch after hearing her scream. Tang Yan covered his ears while looking at Song Xia, "Xiao Xia! Why the hell are you screaming out of the blue?!" He yelled at her grumpily.

Song Xia glared at him sharply as she lifted her hand and showed him the empty wrapper of the chips, "The packet is empty!" Tang Yan was still sleepy as he stared at the empty wrapper with his eyes half-opened, "They must've gone to their house to sleep! There's no need to cause such a commotion! They'll return back after sleeping! Now let me sleep!"

Song Xia and Ellen: "…" Really, bro?!
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》