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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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35 I Really Love You!

Meanwhile, Song Xia mumbled, "Coming!" when she heard the doorbell ringing again and again. Why is this person so impatient?! Can't he just wait a little while? She cursed at the uninvited guest in her heart as she opened the door to see someone familiar.

Eh? Secretary Han? What is he doing here so early in the morning? In the other hand, Secretary Han was also dumbfounded to see her in his Boss' place. Did… did something happen last night? No! He shook his head to remove the thoughts he was having and turned to look at Song Xia, "M- Ms. Xuan, is… is Boss inside?"

He then bit his own tongue. What am I even asking?! It's Boss' house and if he's not here then who will be? Song Xia replied, "Yes, did something come up at the company?" She asked with curiosity. Secretary Han answered truthfully, "Yes, kind of. It's an urgent matter. I need to report something to Boss."

"Oh" Song Xia said, "Then I'll call him for you!" Secretary Han nodded his head as he watched her call his boss, "Ellen! Your secretary is here!" Song Xia then looked at him, "Thanks for yesterday." Even if Song Xia was arrogant and prideful, she would feel grateful towards those who helped her, either directly or indirectly.

Secretary Han immediately retorted, "Ms. Xuan, I just did what Boss ordered me, you don't need to thank me." His tone was polite and respectful. Not everyone with such a high status like hers would thank a mere secretary like him.

His admiration for her started to increase as he quietly stood there examining her from top to bottom. She was wearing a baby pink pajama which made her look cute and adorable like a small kid. Her hair was messy but it only made her look like a little kitten. As he was admiring his future Lady Boss, he heard a cold voice, "Are you done looking at MY woman?"

He instantly froze as he turned his head to the direction of the voice to see his Boss, who was standing beside Song Xia. He had never seen his Boss with such a frosty cold aura before and it seemed like his voice had… had a hint of… jealousy.

Song Xia was surprised when she saw Ellen appear out of thin air by her side, "When did you come?" Ellen coldly said as he looked at his secretary, "When he was staring at you!" Secretary Han felt a chill run down his spine as he looked at Song Xia for help. Lady Boss, please help me, this secretary begs you…

Song Xia noticed his gaze as she turned to Ellen helplessly, "I was just thanking him for last night." Ellen's voice turned even more upset, "You thanked him, but how about me?" Song Xia was speechless. She pursed her lips as an idea formed in her mind. She hesitated for a bit before hooking an arm around his and saying, "Thank you, dear, I really love you!"

Secretary Han: "…" Will it really work, Lady Boss??

Unexpectedly, the instant Song Xia's words fell in his ears, his face softened as he smiled and bounced happily, "Anything for you, my dear!" Song Xia blinked twice before her mouth twitched a little. I-It actually… worked??

Ellen turned to his secretary and asked with a cheery face, "Why're you here?" Secretary Han quickly composed himself as he said, "Boss, there's something urgent in the company." Ellen looked at Song Xia and then looked at Secretary Han, "Wait for a while, I'll get ready. Let's go, my dear!"

Song Xia blankly watched as she was dragged by the happy Ellen while Secretary Han didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Why did he feel that, this boss of his was getting more and more childish?! He had already noticed this yesterday when they were having dinner. His Boss was shamelessly teasing the Lady Boss, totally like a child. Sigh, if Madam finds out about this, then…
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》