My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
36 Need To Hire Him As Her Chef!
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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36 Need To Hire Him As Her Chef!

Ellen changed into his suit as he left with Secretary Han. Before leaving, he didn't forget to give his black card to Song Xia and bid her goodbye. Tang Yan stretched his arms as he asked her, "You're going shopping?"

Song Xia nonchalantly nodded her head as she stroked the black card as if it was a treasure. It had been long since she had seen a black card. More than two and a half years! She had forgotten how much she loved shopping and even kept herself from using her black card. Because she was stubborn and greedy, she didn't want to associate with anything related with the Song Family.

It was because of her, that she had lost every one of her past and even her face to be particular. Now, it felt like she met her old friend after a long, long time. Song Xia's eyes gradually reddened as she thought about how silly and ignorant she was when she left her home and vowed not to come again. She had seen how disappointed her Father looked and her Mother was holding back her tears.

Thinking back again, her heart ached while thinking about those three people who loved her the most. She was such a fool, letting her anger get her all. Her ego and arrogance was the one that made her lose everything. As Tang Yan watched the girl getting emotional looking at a black card, his mouth twitched. Such a drama for a single card..? He particularly didn't understand Song Xia's feelings at the moment.

Song Xia dazedly went to her room and took a shower. She changed into a casual dress and left her room to find Tang Yan cooking breakfast. When she looked at him wearing an apron while making delicious dishes, she felt that he was quite useful and talented. She took a seat as she smelled the delicious aroma and her mouth watered instantly.

Tang Yan came out of the kitchen with food as he chuckled, "Do you like my food that much?" Song Xia nodded her head as she rubbed her hands and picked up her chopsticks. Seeing her wait for him to serve her, Tang Yan's features softened as he finally served her food and was putting food in his plate. He asked her with a teasing smile, "Don't you want to eat such delicious food in the future?"

Song Xia dug into her plate and ate like a hungry kitten as she nodded her head again. Tang Yan took his seat as he prepared to eat his breakfast when he heard her say, "Shall I hire you as my chef?" He choked on his saliva. He was teasing her and she just… took it too seriously!

Tang Yan coughed as he said, "No need! Do I look like someone who wants to be a chef! I already have a very good career and moreover, I already have so much money, why would I need to work as a chef for someone like you?" Song Xia stroked her chin as she sighed, "What a pity! A great talent would waste in such hands!"

Tang Yan was infuriated by her provocation, "You!" He bit his chopsticks as she stuffed his mouth with more food. Song Xia couldn't hold her laughter anymore as she instantly laughed out loud. Tang Yan's face turned red in fury. He would take revenge soon…

Song Xia finally stopped laughing when she felt her tummy hurt. She straightened up and ate the food while staring at Tang Yan with funny eyes. Tang Yan had an awful look on his face which was darker than the bottom of the pot. He felt that this breakfast was the first one that he wanted it to end faster…

As Song Xia finished the breakfast and prepared to leave, an idea crossed her mind. She turned around to ask the man lying lazily on the sofa while watching TV, "Oh right, Xiao Yan, are you free today?" The man responded lazily, "What do you think?" Song Xia stroked her chin as if she was thinking deeply, "You're lying so lazily and lately you're staying at home, so you must be free or slacking from your job!"

Tang Yan immediately grumbled, "Slacking?! That word isn't even in my dictionary!"
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》