My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
37 From A Doctor To Driver
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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37 From A Doctor To Driver

Song Xia asked, "If you don't have anything to do and are just going to laze on the sofa all day, how about you accompany me for shopping instead?" Tang Yan thought for a while and realized that it was a good idea indeed, "Okay." Song Xia smiled as she said, "Then why are you still lazing around?! Go and change into something fashionable! If you're going to accompany me, then you should look handsome and attractive so that you don't bring my image down!"

Tang Yan asked while hugging the pillow, "Can I say no now?" Song Xia smiled mockingly as she kicked him, "No way! Are you thinking of backing out from your words?" Tang Yan fell on the ground as a result of being kicked by Xia. He was furious, "Did you just kick me?!" Song Xia nodded her head matter-of-factly, "Mm, do you want me to kick you again?" Tang Yan immediately shook his head as he prepared to go to his room, "No! I'm going! See, I'm going! Don't kick me now!"

Song Xia nodded her head, satisfied. While Tang Yan was changing, Song Xia took a selfie near the glass window and posted it on Weibo: [Such a beautiful day for shopping! Waiting for my driver to come! Too Bored~!]

The post got many likes and comments the instant it was uploaded.

[Aww~ Our baby Alice is looking so cute in that dress!]

[Hmm, driver? Who is this driver making our Princess wait?!]

[Yes! How can he make our baby Princess Alice wait until she's bored! It should be the other way around!]

[This driver has guts! Our baby Alice must be waiting for him for so long that she feels bored! Screw that driver! May he eat 1000 cockroaches for making our princess wait!]

Song Xia didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she read the comments. She just used the 'driver' to address Tang Yan to show him later and anger him to death. But who knew that out of nowhere he got so many 'haters' just because she phrased that she was waiting for him. She felt touched and amused instead of feeling guilty and regret. Tang Yan who came out of his room after changing into a casual outfit, had no clue that he had been called a 'driver'.

He turned to look at the smiling Xia and said, "Are we going or not?" Song Xia quickly put her phone in her bag as she nodded her head, "Going, going!" He suspiciously stared at Song Xia. Song Xia blinked her beautiful eyes innocently and asked, "Is something wrong?" Tang Yan shook his head. How come he felt as if she was hiding something from him...

Song Xia secretly sighed in relief as she followed Tang Yan to his car. The entire car ride was silent as Song Xia was busy taking more and more photos while Tang Yan was driving the car and listening to the music. They both arrived at the shopping mall. Song Xia looked at Tang Yan and criticized him, "Why is your driving as slow as your brain?"

Tang Yan yelled back at her, "You're the one who is slow, your whole... Forget it! If you don't like my driving, then why did you insist on making me drive?" Song Xia immediately retorted, "That's because I couldn't find a driver! You're the only one who lazes around all day and never goes to work!" Tang Yan was speechless. So, now he became a driver?

Song Xia huffed, "Never mind! At least you didn't hit a tree or made an accident while driving!"

Tang Yan's mouth twitched, "..."
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》