My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
38 Slacking And Lazy Doctor Tang
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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38 Slacking And Lazy Doctor Tang

"Enough talking, let's go." Song Xia said as she spun her heels and entered the shopping mall. Tang Yan quickly followed her from behind. Song Xia walked inside a clothing store with Tang Yan lazily following her like a dog. The instant they entered, they were greeted in English by a smiling shop assistant, "Hello Miss and Sir, how can I help you?" Song Xia and Tang Yan both turned to look at the shop assistant.

Song Xia smiled back politely and replied in fluent English, "Can you please show me some of the latest outfits suited for me?" The shop assistant nodded her head and said in a professional way, "Okay Miss, please wait here for a moment. I'll be right back!" Song Xia and Tang Yan were escorted by the staff into a private room. The mall that Song Xia and Tang Yan had come for shopping was one of the best in this area and only rich and elites could enter here.

The shop assistant came back while pushing the clothes hanger stand. Song Xia scanned the attractive dresses hung on the hanger stand blankly. To be honest, Song Xia had no fashion sense. She didn't care about her dressing and appearance before and moreover, her best friend, Zhang Qiao would always 'help' her with her clothing in the past. Song Xia smiled bitterly, she should've known. From the start to the end, the only one who was stupid and foolish was herself.

On the contrary to her blank expression, Tang Yan's eyes brightened the moment the shop assistant displayed the dresses. He turned his head to look at Song Xia as he exclaimed, "Xiao Xia! Choose the dresses!" Song Xia returned back to her senses as she blinked several times before nodding her head absent-mindedly, "Okay."

The shop assistant stroke her chin as she looked at Song Xia who was walking towards the stand and then at the Tang Yan who was seated on the chair with crossed-legs. Based on her past experience, they seemed like a couple out for shopping! Her eyes lit up. Such a beautiful girl and such a handsome guy together… A perfect couple, indeed!

When they were speaking just a moment ago, even though, the Shop Assistant didn't understand their words as they were speaking in Chinese, a thought surfaced on her mind. Based on their expressions, the rich and handsome guy must've urged the girl to choose the dresses fast as he had to go elsewhere. The girl must've felt sad and lonely, judging by her face. What the shop assistant didn't know was that she was completely wrong…

Both Song Xia and Tang Yan were oblivious of the thoughts that the shop assistant was having at the moment. If they heard her, Tang Yan would've spat mouthful of blood while Song Xia would surely question her ears, if they were damaged or not. But the truth was that they didn't.

Tang Yan waited impatiently as Song Xia looked at the dresses and randomly took out a blue dress and went to change in the Dressing Room. The shop assistant nodded her head as she thought she guessed correctly, looking at Tang Yan's impatient look. She then sighed. She had met many couples like this in the past. The guys would have to stay and accompany their girlfriends while shopping otherwise they would meet a horrible end. She felt the urge to pat the guy's shoulder to console him but didn't at last.

Tang Yan was bored while waiting for Song Xia so he took out his phone to play. No one would've thought that the shop assistant, who looked professional and collected on the outside, had these types of thoughts in her mind all day when she saw couples… After changing into the blue dress, Song Xia came out of the dressing room.

Tang Yan immediately looked up from his phone and looked somewhat unsatisfied. The shop assistant looked at her from head to toe as she praised her endlessly, "Wow, Miss looks so beautiful in this dress! This dress is complimenting her good figure!" Song Xia looked at her reflection in the mirror as she smiled a little. "It's good..." Tang Yan shook his head as he expressed his dissatisfaction, "Not at all."

Song Xia raised her brows, "What's wrong with this dress?" Tang Yan just yawned as he pointed out the flaws on the dress, "Even though the dress looks great on you and the color suits you well, I think the back of the dress is a little messy and even if the dress is complimenting your good figure, it actually doesn't show your curves." Song Xia looked at him, seemingly surprised, "Oh how did the Slacking and Lazy Doctor Tang suddenly has fashion sense?"

Tang Yan gritted his teeth, "What do you mean?! I had fashion sense since I was born! Even the toilet slippers I wear, is of an expensive brand, okay?!" Song Xia was speechless as her mouth twitched. Did you have to say that?
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》