My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
39 Choosing A Dress In Xia Style
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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39 Choosing A Dress In Xia Style

The shop assistant awkwardly watched the two of them fight like cats and dogs. Poor Shop Assistant still didn't know what they were talking about. She regretted not learning other languages aside from English and Spanish. Coincidentally, she even didn't know Mandarin. So, she could only helplessly look at them fight.

Song Xia noticed the shop assistant's awkward smile and then she realized that they were not at home and at the mall. She lowered her head in embarrassment as she let out a soft sigh, "Fine, I'll change." Tang Yan harrumphed as he crossed his arms arrogantly. You had to listen to me in the end anyways! If it weren't for the beautiful Shop Assistant here, Song Xia wouldn't have been able to calm herself down and stop her from giving this stupid guy a kick.

Then she turned away as she looked at the dresses in confusion and mumbled, "How shall I choose now? Last time, I wore the blue dress because blue is my mom's favorite color! Now, let's see if there's black, which is my brother's favorite color..." Song Xia beamed as she found a black dress among the dresses. She excitedly hopped inside the Dressing Room. Even if she didn't have fashion sense, when she saw those beautiful dresses, she felt that they weren't as bad as she thought.

The shop assistant watched as Song Xia happily bounced away and Tang Yan was again lazily playing his phone. She couldn't help but wonder. What type of couple are they?! She tried to maintain her composure as she stood still. After a while, Song Xia came out wearing a beautiful and magnificent black dress. Even the shop assistant felt herself drooling over her beauty but the lazy Tang Yan still looked dissatisfied, "The lace on the back of the dress is so-so, the neckline is also a little weird and it doesn't suit you at all, and the dress blah blah blah..."

Song Xia's eyes dimmed as her smile was evidently full of annoyance. The shop assistant who was currently confused, finally came to a conclusion after seeing her expression: This rich young master is criticizing the dresses! At least she got that right... Song Xia felt that Tang Yan was intentionally doing this to exact his revenge at first.

So, Song Xia stomped her foot as she looked at the dresses hung on the stand. She tilted her head as she tried to find a way to choose the dress. An idea popped in her mind as she started to count numbers while pointing at each dresses, "1... 2... 3... 4...5..." She counted till the number reached 10 as she took the dress that her finger stopped at with her and went to change. The shop assistant was speechless and stunned. Did she just witness someone choosing a dress like a little kid deciding which candy to eat? This is a very... creative idea...

Tang Yan was bored playing games so he decided to take a look around the store. The shop assistant felt as if her duty was just to stand still and watch like a statue. With these two people doing their own things and ignoring her like she didn't exist, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Usually, when couples came shopping, she would be the busiest, trying to choose a perfect dress for the girl and complimenting her endlessly while for the guy, she would serve him well in putting good words to the girls.

Like saying that her boyfriend was so rich and handsome and she was very lucky to have found such a 'perfect' guy. Or maybe she would just say that she had never seen such a pretty and beautiful girl with such a beautiful figure or curves. When she saw Song Xia's figure in the dress, she was extremely envious as a girl but even more impressed. In her experience as a shop assistant, she rarely saw such a beauty with perfect body figure and curves.

When complimenting those girls who had beauty but not so good figure, she wouldn't even blink her eye but when facing Song Xia who had both beauty and perfect curves, her eyes widened and she couldn't utter a word. Song Xia came out of the dressing room wearing an elegant white dress, completely looking like an angel. The shop assistant's eyes bulged from pure admiration. Even Tang Yan, who turned around the moment he heard the door open, had no say in this outfit and was rendered speechless...
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》