My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
40 Using His Card While Shopping With Another Man
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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40 Using His Card While Shopping With Another Man

The shop assistant drooled as she gasped. What a beautiful angel! She looked so innocent and delicate even when she was giving out an arrogant aura. God was being unfair to all the ladies out there by creating such a perfect beauty. He really spent a lot of time while making her alone. (Doctor Yan- Of course, I did!)

Song Xia looked amusingly at Tang Yan's speechlessness, "So, Mr. Fashion Guru, how's my dress?" Tang Yan cleared his throat as he looked away, "...Not bad." Song Xia said nonchalantly, "Of course, it's chosen by Goddess Xia after all! I have such a good fashion sense!" (Xia's inner thoughts- 'What's with that slacking lazy doctor! I used all the methods and at last what I get is "Oh, not so bad!" I'm going to kill him once we get home!')

The shop assistant started her endless praising and compliments and finally stopped when she got out of breath. Tang Yan stroked his chin, confused, "But Xia, how come you got such a perfect dress? You didn't even get help from the shop assistant as well. Don't tell me your brain finally started working after so many tries."

"..." Song Xia's smile froze on her beautiful face. She gritted her teeth as she took deep breaths to calm herself. (Xia Inner Thoughts- 'You lazy doctor, my brain has always been working! It's your brain which hasn't been working since the beginning!')

Song Xia said calmly, "Of course, I have very good fashion sense." Tang Yan looked like he didn't believe her words, "Oh? Then how about you show your fashion talent again?" Song Xia pondered for a second before giving a confident smile, "Sure."

She then turned around as she walked towards the hanger stand and randomly chose a dress. She went to the Dressing Room. After some minutes or so, Song Xia came out wearing a bright orange dress. She looked very cute in the dress. The shop assistant was already busy complimenting her.

Song Xia flashed a smug face to Tang Yan. See, now you'll have to admit that I have pretty good fashion sense! Tang Yan gave an evil grin. "Xiao Xia, I knew it." Song Xia already had a bad feeling when Tang Yan smirked at her. While she had a smile on her face, she knew she screwed up.

And then Tang Yan continued, "You totally look like an orange. Even though the color suits you, blah blah blah.." (Author- I'm tired of criticizing the dresses so I would just write "blah blah") Song Xia's face blackened. She knew it, no words from this lazy and slacking doctor is good!

Song Xia finally got tired of all the criticisms, "If you are done criticizing then help me choose the dresses yourself! If you have such a good fashion sense then who don't you just help me?!" Tang Yan was startled at her sudden outburst. At last, he replied after contemplating for a bit, "...Sure."


After buying nearly the whole shop, Song Xia and Tang Yan finally walked towards the counter to pay. Song Xia searched through her bag as she took out Ellen's black card. The shop assistant smiled at them as she swiped the card and returned the card to her. "Thank you for visiting our shop, Miss and Sir! I hope you'll come here again!" The shop assistant bowed respectfully.

Song Xia smiled back as she turned to the sleepy doctor, "Hey! Are you going to sleep here?" Tang Yan scoffed, "Let's go!" Song Xia and Tang Yan exited the shop. The shop assistant tilted her head out of confusion. 'What a weird couple!' When she saw other shop assistants coming over, she scratched her neck and let it be.

-Meanwhile, At QZ Corporation, Meeting Room

All the employees including Secretary Han were surprised and confused to see their moody boss. He had been so moody since the morning. His moods kept changing and changing and no one knew why. Ellen stood up from his seat, "Meeting adjourned." Manager Ye who was speaking, froze upon hearing the boss's order.

Ellen then turned around to leave the meeting room. All the employees looked at each other. 'What's gotten into Boss today?' Secretary Han stroked his chin and fell into deep thought. 'Was it because Lady Boss said 'I love you' to him? But shouldn't he be happy instead?' At last, he ended up being more confused.

Ellen looked outside the window of his office as he felt somewhat strange. After all, his girl was going shopping, using his black card. If the story was just this, he wouldn't be upset at all. But the truth was that she was going shopping using his card BUT with another guy! He felt infuriated.
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》