My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
41 Playboy Heir Of The Li Family
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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41 Playboy Heir Of The Li Family

After Song Xia and Tang Yan were done buying all the clothes, they entered a cafe in the mall. Song Xia kept glancing at Tang Yan while sipping her black coffee. When Tang Yan caught her glance, he raised his brows as he asked, "Why are you looking at me like that? Wait.. Don't tell me you fell for my handsome face.."
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Hearing Tang Yan's words, Song Xia almost spit out her coffee. She scoffed, "Handsome, you say? Can you even relate to such a word? And by the way, I'm not interested in you. I was just curious.." Song Xia paused before continuing while stroking her chin, "How can a slacker and lazy doctor like you have such a good eye for fashion?!"

Tang Yan said with a smug face, "I knew it that you were jealous about my good fashion sense! But what can I do? God made me so perfect and unfortunately, I am not interested in those girls that do not have fashion sense! I need a partner who can understand how I feel!"

"..." Why is he suddenly saying this? Is he bragging that he is too perfect for girls? Then, he'll die single!

- Zhang Household, China

The living room was filled with different gifts. The Zhang Family and Li Family were all seated on the sofa, facing each others. Zhang Qian Mi was pleasantly surprised by the mountain of gifts as she turned her head to glance at Zhang Qiao arrogantly.

'Look, your Long Family didn't even give gifts to us but look at the Li Family! It was just a marriage proposal, yet see their enthusiasm, not only did they come here personally but also prepared gifts!' Zhang Qiao gently met her gaze.

Even though, the expression on her face was that of a gentle and kind sister, there was a cold glint in her eyes. She was clearly unfazed by her provocative gaze. 'You think you can provoke me? Look, my Brother Chen doesn't like to show off his money! That playboy heir of Li Family can't even compare to my Brother Chen!'

Zhang Hua was chatting with Li Xing and Ji Wang. "We are very sorry to hear that Elder Li had a heart attack recently." Li Xing smiled, "It' okay, it was just a small heart attack and it's normal in his age." Ji Wang curiously asked with a polite smile, "I wonder where Mrs. Zhang is?"

Zhang Hua smiled, "She's abroad at the moment, busy with her works. She rarely returns home and we all miss her." Zhang Qiao added with a beautiful smile, "Auntie Li, I heard you're looking for some qualified companies. My husband, Long Chen, handles a company called 'Long Corporation'. Our company has developed into different areas of arts..."

Zhang Hua looked at Zhang Qiao with a proud expression. 'What a smart woman my beloved daughter is!' Looking at Zhang Hua's indulgent and proud gaze on Zhang Qiao, Zhang Qian Mi clenched her fists as she gritted her teeth, out of jealousy.

'Whatever I do, this old man would never look at me with such gaze but whenever that Qiao b*tch shows off her intelligence, he look at her like a proud dad! Why is he so biased against me? Why does he like her more than me? Am I not his daughter?'

Zhang Qian Mi started to hate Zhang Qiao more and more. She lowered her lids as she pondered about how to defeat Zhang Qiao. In the end, she lifted her head as she looked at Li Ming with a cute smile, "Brother Ming! Let me give you a tour of our house!"

Li Ming who was sitting quietly and trying to be invisible, looked coldly at Zhang Qian Mi. 'What is this girl up to now? Isn't it enough that she grew a conflict between me and grandpa and because of her, I can't even go out and have fun? What does she want now?!'

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》