My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
42 Wang Yuju“s Return 1
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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42 Wang Yuju“s Return 1

Seeing Li Ming coldly glaring at her, Zhang Qian Mi gritted her teeth. But she put on a sweet smile as she asked, "Can I, Brother Ming?" Li Ming narrowed his eyes. 'Seriously, what's her problem?!' Zhang Qiao and Zhang Hua looked at each other. 'What is this foolish girl doing? Can't she see how obvious Li Ming's cold stare and his disinterest is?!'

Li Ming was going to reject but noticing his father's harsh glare, he could only curb his anger, nod his head and walk away. Zhang Qian Mi was shocked when she saw him nodding his head and quickly followed him. Zhang Qiao's brows furrowed as she thought. 'Oh, this Li Ming is really something; He's unwillingly agreeing to this marriage.. It seems like I need to use my ultimate trump card.'

She looked at a picture of a beautiful girl in her phone and smirked. Who would've thought that she would stumble on such a big secret.. The so-called playboy heir of the Li Family, Li Ming actually had a childhood sweetheart and the most shocking part was that she was the only heiress of Wang Household, Wang Yuju. Wang Yuju, being the only heiress, had been raised extremely well and pampered.
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But she was very weak physically since childhood so the times she came out in public were very less. Zhang Qiao also found out from her sources that the Wang's and the Li's were close families and neighbors also. Later because Wang Yuju's situation got worse, the Wang's had to move to the States for her treatment. Rumors had it that the Wang's were about to return back to China. She had to use this chance to provoke Li Ming...

Meanwhile in the Garden, Zhang Qian Mi shyly looked at the guy at her left and smiled. 'Walking next to him, side by side; it all felt like a romantic scene from a drama or movie. It was true, she was finally going to marry the Prince Charming of her dreams. All of it felt like a dream; finally, after she married him, everyone will stop questioning her and maybe she will find her mother as well..

Li Ming ignored the daydreaming Qian Mi and took out his phone from his pocket. Accidentally he dropped his wallet on the ground. Zhang Qian Mi quickly knelt down and picked it up, however, something caught her eyes. It was an old photo of a small girl. She was very cute. But the main point was who was this girl and what was her photo doing in Li Ming's wallet?

Seeing Zhang Qian Mi standing in a daze while looking at his wallet, Li Ming immediately snatched the wallet and said coldly, "Don't touch my things without my permission!" Zhang Qian Mi bit her lips as she apologized, "Brother Ming, I'm very sorry! I promise I'll never touch your things without your permission! But.. that girl.. who is.. who is she?" What followed after her question was absolute silence.

Zhang Qian Mi was about to say something but stopped when she saw Li Ming looking at the photo in his wallet with an indescribable expression. It was her first time seeing him look so.. so gentle. Li Ming gently caressed the photo as he spoke, "My first love." Zhang Qian Mi almost couldn't believe her ears. 'W-What did I just hear?! H-his first love..?!'

Li Ming seemed to have sensed her reaction as he lowered his lids. "She'll forever remain in my heart. So..." He looked at her with coldness and indifference, "Stay away from me." Then he walked away leaving the dumbfounded Zhang Qian Mi alone with her thoughts. Li Ming's words were like a curse; it rang in her head about a thousand, million times. Her tears started falling like waterfall.

Zhang Qian Mi shouted at Li Ming's disappearing back like a mad woman, "Brother Ming! Why?! Why do you treat me so coldly?! Can't you give me a single chance?! Why should I always be the one who is abandoned?! Why?! Maybe.. I should've.. I should've listened to Mom... I shouldn't have come here... I shouldn't have left her... Abandoned her... now I'm here, abandoned myself..." Her voice became smaller and smaller as her tears kept falling down.

She fell on her knees and cried out loud. "Mom... I'm so sorry... Now, I've learned my lesson... Please... please come back... I don't need this wealth and the title of Zhang Family's heiress... I only want you... Please, mom..." Zhang Qian Mi hugged her knees and kept crying until she heard the clicking of high heels coming near. "Tsk tsk, I thought that you were quite useful but look at you crying here, looking so pitiful! I knew it, Li Ming will never fall in your trap! Oh and-"

Zhang Qiao squatted next to her and said with a mocking smile, "Your big sister forgot to tell you something. Li Ming's heart is with someone else."

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》