My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
43 Wang Yuju“s Return 2
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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43 Wang Yuju“s Return 2

- Li Mansion

In the bathroom, Li Ming turned on the faucet and splashed water on his face. He really lost control of his feelings when Zhang Qian Mi asked him who she was. He suddenly felt like he shouldn't have told her but what could he do? He can't change it even if he regrets. But after this incident, that girl might stay away from him knowing that he loves another girl. As for the 'another girl', a bitter smile blossomed on his handsome face.

'Wang Yuju, how long do you want me to be tortured?' His expression turned lonely and isolated as if he was longing for love and care. 'Your Ming is missing you to death...'

- At the same time, in Beijing Airport

A beautiful and tall girl, surrounded by a group of bodyguards, walked out and took off her shades. The girl was none other than Wang Yuju, who just returned to China from the States. Though she looked kind of travel-worn and pale, she was still stunning and beautiful as ever. She took a deep breath and looked at the familiar yet strange place. 'I'm finally back home after so long...'

She smiled as she thought of a certain someone who would've squealed with happiness on the news of her homecoming. She suddenly wanted to give him a big surprise, just to see his reaction. With that thought, she didn't inform him like she initially planned to. Wang Yuju turned to the bodyguards and said, "Let's go to the Wang Estate." The bodyguards nodded their head and then escorted her to the car.

Wang Yuju texted her father along the way.

[Pa, I just landed in China! It still looks the same and I wonder if you noticed it too.]
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Her father, Wang Yu Jie must've been waiting for her text because he instantly replied to her text.

[Dad: You're right, sweetie. When we came back few days ago, everything felt the same as it was years ago.]

[Oh right, Pa, have you already informed the Li Family about our return?]

[Dad: No, not yet. Why, sweetie?]

[Nothing, I just want to surprise Ming and the others! So don't inform them just yet!]

[Dad: Haha, okay sweetie.. By the way, do you plan on marrying Li Ming now that both of you have grown up?]

Wang Yuju blushed. [Pa!!! Why are you teasing me?!! We were so small back then; And I said that I'll marry him because I was too small and didn't know anything..] Although that was what she said, the smile on her face was so obvious.

[Dad: Haha, I just like to tease you because you get so shy when it comes to Xiao Ming.. If you want, we can arrange a marriage between you and him.]

[Pa, don't rush things. What if Ming has already forgotten about me and is fooling around with other girls; wouldn't it be too awkward for me?]

[Dad: I don't think so, you two have liked each other since you were small and I know him; he will never forget about my beautiful princess. If he does, then say goodbye to him; there are many guys chasing after my daughter and they are much qualified than him. But I know that you only want him.]

Wang Yuju sighed and fell into a deep thought. 'If Ming really forgot our promise then I'll probably feel bad but it is his decision to marry whoever he wants to and I won't interfere. I've already broken his heart many times, even in our last meeting.' She still remembered how badly he cried back then when they were leaving but what could she do except smiling at him and wishing him happiness.

Her condition had worsened at that time so they had gone to the States for an operation. There was no guarantee whether she'll survive the operation or not, so she wanted to bless him with happiness. If she hadn't survived, maybe she could've wished for his happiness as her last wish. But since she survived, she decided to let him be happy and content with his life no matter what it costed; even her undying love for him...

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》