My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
46 Wang Yuju“s Return 5
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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46 Wang Yuju“s Return 5

When everyone heard his words, they all believed him as Yuiming was indeed getting old and it was more common for him to fall sick during these days.. "I know your grandpa best; He's so healthy that he can run around, a small heart attack can do nothing to him! When we were young, he was the most healthiest and fittest one among us! *Sigh* Those olden days.." Wang Bo Lin (Yuju's grandpa) said, feeling nostalgic.

"Okay, okay let the young children go wherever they want to! Let's not disturb them!" He waved his hands. "You two can go now, and remember our words: come back early. " Wang Yu Jie sternly said. Li Ming held Wang Yuju's hand and said with a smile, "Then we'll excuse ourselves." He took her to his car.

-Inside The Car

Wang Yuju curiously asked, "Where are we going?" Li Ming replied with a smile, "It's a secret." He suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, right; wait a minute" and took out a blindfold from his pocket. Wang Yuju blankly looked at him as to why he had a blindfold. Looking at her blank and confused expression, Li Ming laughed while tousling her hair. "I've prepared a surprise for you. Can't spoil it." Then he extended his hands and covered her eyes with the blindfold.

Yuju touched the blindfold and leaned forward to hold his hand. "I'm scared of the dark.." Li Ming smiled gently as he intertwined his hand with hers and started driving. It was a long journey. After about two hours, they finally arrived at a completely secluded place faraway from the town. Li Ming got out of the car and opened the door for her. He carefully and tenderly guided her to a place as if he was afraid of hurting her.
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When they arrived in front of a big gate, he removed the blindfold from her eyes and waited for her reaction. Yuju opened her eyes slowly and what she saw next made her stunned. She saw a big golden gate. What stunned her more was that behind the gate there was a beautiful place filled with varieties of colorful flowers and greenery. She subconsciously glanced at him. He remembered that she loved green plants and colorful flowers the most.. When did he prepare all of this?

A formally dressed Butler opened the gate and bowed to them. "Welcome, Young Master Li and Young Mistress Wang!" Li Ming nodded his head slightly and turned to the girl next to him. Yuju's mouth was agape at the sight of the beautiful and magnificent garden, the big fountain at the center as well as the huge castle like house.. Everything was like a fairy tale. To make it look even more dreamy and attractive, there was rose petals spread all along the long pathway from the gate to the house door.

Walking down the pathway, Yuju curiously looked around with her mouth still open like a "o". She still felt it was too beautiful to be real. On her right side there were small circle bushes containing small flowers and various types of trees. What caught her attention was a big tree which had a swing. The swing looked like it wasn't made by humans but by nature. There was a wooden table and couple of chairs. There was a bowl of fresh fruits and flower vase in middle of the table.

On her right side, almost every part was covered by colorful flowers. Even many butterflies were dancing over the flowers which made Yuju smile brightly. She wanted to pluck one flower, because it was so pretty but didn't have the heart to as she thought about the hard work of the gardener for planting those beautiful flowers.

The gardener, who was watering the plants and flowers, saw them so he hurriedly welcomed them. "Good afternoon, Young Master!"He then looked at Yuju, then a sudden realization hit him. He asked while looking at Yuju, "Young Master, is she the one you prepared all this for?"

Li Ming looked at the girl next to him as if he was looking at his world. Yuju felt her heart throbbing hard when she heard him say, "Yes". The gardener laughed. "Then I must say Young Mistress is very lucky; Are you aware about Young Master preparing all this since five years?" Yuju was astonished as she asked with surprise. "What? He's been preparing it for five years?" Li Ming nonchalantly said, "I didn't know it has already been 5 years; time really flies fast."

Wang Yuju felt her eyes tearing up unknowingly. Li Ming panicked when he saw her red eyes, "Oh.. you-" He quickly took out a handkerchief and handed it to her. "Don't cry; I really don't want to see you crying again!" Yuju accepted the handkerchief as she wiped the corner of her eyes. She softly said, "I also don't know why I'm crying..I guess this is the tears of extreme happiness and shock. He is right; I'm very lucky to have you by my side.." and hugged him tightly. Li Ming caressed her hair lovingly "I guess you will cry a bucket of tears then."

Wang Yuju was confused for a while before realizing the meaning behind his words. She hit softly in his chest with her small hands" You are such a tease, Then I won't go inside the house." Li Ming caught her hand as he leaned forward to her. Yuju's face turned red and hot but she was unable to look away as if his eyes were engulfing her.

He leaned more close but turned away slightly, close to her left ear. He whispered in his deep voice " Yuju, Don't act cute like that. I can't control myself. If it weren't for the gardener looking at us, I would've already embraced you in my arms and.." Yuju subconsciously asked "And?" Li Ming smiled as he continued " And would've let you go. Yuju, What did you think, huh? Your ears red as the rose petals." Li Ming straightened back to his position and looked at red Yuju who was still dazedly looking at him.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》