My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
48 Living Off Someone Else“s Money
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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48 Living Off Someone Else“s Money

- Meanwhile, in Australia

Song Xia suddenly had an idea as she pulled Tang Yan to the menswear shop. She was looking around when she heard him blabbering, "Why the hell are we here? Wait-" His eyes instantly widened as he said with shock, "Xiao Xia! Don't tell me you.. you want to cross-dress as a man?!" Xia rolled her eyes. "Don't let your thoughts run wild; I just want to buy something that Ellen would like."

"Oh, you mean you're going to buy what Ellen likes and wear it?" Tang Yan scratched his neck. Song Xia's veins popped out as she gritted her teeth. "I literally meant that I want to buy Ellen a gift! With your IQ, I wonder how you became a doctor?! Did you bribe the hospital or something?" Tang Yan scoffed. This girl has recently been courting death by insulting him and his IQ...

"Okay whatever, if you want to buy that guy something, do it fast. I'm gonna wait there." He said as he pointed at a chair. Song Xia grabbed his collar just as he passed by her side and said with a smirk, "Where do you think you are going, huh? Help me choose a suit for Ellen." Tang Yan mocked, "Why should I?" Song Xia knew this lazy doctor would act like this so she coolly flipped her hair before saying, "Then, give me back the snacks you ate; it was bought by Ellen's money."

Tang Yan gritted his teeth, "Fine!" A shop assistant came to assist them, "Hello, Miss and Sir! What would you like to buy?" Song Xia smiled as she pointed at Tang Yan. "A suit of his size." The shop assistant politely said, "Sir, would you like to follow me to choose the suit?" Tang Yan bitterly followed after the shop assistant which made Song Xia finally relax.
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Some assistants came to accompany her and serve her when they heard news about the couple who literally bought half of the shop. Surely, news travel fast. Before Song Xia even knew it, she was leaning comfortably on the sofa with a drink on her hand and her phone on the other. There were snacks surrounding around her and many assistants by her side as they wanted to curry favor with this super rich girl.

Afraid that she would find it too crowded and uncomfortable, the manager personally accompanied her and drove all the assistants away. Song Xia smiled as she drank her juice, totally relaxed. 'Being rich is so good; too bad in my past, I didn't like dolling myself up and rather preferred to stay at home, idling.' *Sigh* Now though she was living off someone else's money; she felt guilty and regret every time she spent his money.

But she made a promise to herself that she would return back all the things she owed Ellen and Tang Yan.. If she didn't, she would live with guilt forever.. Song Xia looked at the manager next to her and asked, "Are you sure you don't have anything important today? Accompanying me is just a waste of time; I'm no one special.." The manager smiled as she shook her head, "Miss, you're being too generous.. I don't have anything to do so I just came here to accompany you.." Moreover, you're more important than anything else..

Song Xia knew what the manager was actually here for but she felt too lazy to expose her. She passed a drink to her which made the latter shocked. "Take it; since you're here to accompany me, why don't you enjoy yourself? Moreover, that was an extra drink.." Song Xia stretched her back. The manager smiled as she thanked her, "Thank you, Miss. You're so kind.." Song Xia didn't say anything and just scrolled the WeiBo.

She just scrolled down when she saw a latest news feed which caught her eyes. It was regarding the return of the Wang Family. What made her pause wasn't the news but the attached photo of Wang Yuju which was likely taken by the media at the airport. She clicked on the feed without knowing herself when she saw an oddly familiar face (Yuju's photo)...

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》