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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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49 Like Real Siblings

She just scrolled down when she saw a latest news feed which caught her eyes. It was regarding the return of the Wang Family. What made her pause wasn't the news but the attached photo of Wang Yuju which was likely taken by the media at the airport. She clicked on the feed without knowing herself when she saw an oddly familiar face (Yuju's photo)...

A memory from her childhood suddenly surfaced in her mind.. It was almost more than 15 years ago, when she visited her maternal house for the first time. She was 8 that year and her mother decided to take her to her maternal house. Because Song Xia was somewhat bullied for her looks in school, she had been home-schooled. She didn't have any friends and at that time, she hadn't met Long Chen or Zhang Qiao..

It was undoubtedly shocking that her mother was the eldest daughter of Li Family, one of the most powerful families in the whole China. Li Wuxi had fallen in love with her father at a young age and got married in secret which made Grandpa Li very angry that he didn't even attend their wedding. But at the end of the day, she was still his daughter so they made up. He wanted to meet his precious granddaughter and was very happy when he saw her, despite her looks.

She was very lucky to have pampering parents and grandpa who loved her no matter what. Grandpa Li had two sons and a daughter; Li Wuxi, Li Han and Li Xing. Li Wuxi was the eldest daughter and Song Xia's mother. While Li Han, the second son, was a proficient lawyer; Li Xing handled business with his father, Li Yuiming. Many people didn't know that Li Han (Song Family's Lawyer) was actually the second young master of Li Family..

Li Wuxi, her mother, had a daughter and a son, Song Xia and Song Xe Yong; her second uncle had two daughters, Li Za and Li Hua and her youngest uncle only had a son, Li Ming. Her grandpa mostly favored her and Li Ming because her second uncle's family lived abroad and rarely visited him. As for her elder brother, he also lived independently outside the country since he was small.

When she first saw Li Ming and his mischievous behavior, she was afraid that he would also bully her but she was wrong. He had always wanted to have a big sister but his parents were very busy; so he took the initiative to ask Song Xia whether she would like to be his sister. Song Xia had agreed and the two of them had become closer than real siblings.

While her stay in the Li Mansion, a cute girl always used to come over and have dinner with them. Her name was Wang Yuju. She was very cute and kind as well. Wang Yuju was Li Ming's friend and treated her as a big sister like Li Ming did. The trio had become very close to each other but sadly due to something, Yuju had to leave and go somewhere (Song Xia wasn't there). At that time, Li Ming was very heartbroken and sad that he locked himself up in his room.

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Even Li Yuiming couldn't persuade him to come out but coincidentally Song Xia and her mother had come to visit the Li Family. After Li Xing explained what happened, Song Xia wanted to help them and had successfully convinced Li Ming. This made the bond between them even stronger. But as they grew up, both of them went their ways. She didn't know particularly how the present Li Ming was..

Shortly, she returned back to reality and pondered while reading the news-feed. 'It seems that Yuju went to US 15 years ago and has returned back to China.. I bet Ming will feel happy seeing her return.. She hasn't changed at all; still so beautiful and cute.. *Sigh* I hope they get married soon or something after meeting up..' A smile blossomed on her beautiful face when she thought about how much she shipped them both.

Right when she was busy reading the feed and smiling to herself, a confident voice rang on her ears. "Xiao Xia, how do I look?" Song Xia lifted her head and what she saw next shocked her..

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》