My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
51 Cute & Beautiful Daughter-In-Law
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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51 Cute & Beautiful Daughter-In-Law

The Director laughed awkwardly, "It seems that Miss Hanna has a good sense of humor! What I actually meant was that what did Miss Hanna want to buy? We have different kinds of clothing like-"

Hanna rubbed her nose and turned to the Butler standing next to her. Butler Han immediately noticed her gaze and cleared his throat before asking the Director politely, "Madam wants to check the CCTV footage of the mall."

The Director was shocked; he was prepared to show her the latest dresses in his shopping mall but he stopped in his tracks when he heard the Butler. He was professional so he regained his senses and turned to order his assistant to bring the footage.

The Director couldn't help but ask her curiously, "Miss Hanna, why would you come here all the way just to check the footage?" Hanna was calm and poise as she replied with a smile, "It's nothing major actually; I just wanted to see what my dear son after coming here." The Director was shocked again.

"What? Young Master Tang came here?" He turned to look at the assistant who just arrived with a laptop. "Why didn't you inform me that he came here?" The assistant said, feeling abashed, "Sorry, Director.. I didn't know myself that Young Master Tang came here.."

Hanna impatiently waved her hands, indicating them to stop making a fuss and let her watch the footage. Hence, the assistant hurriedly put the laptop on the table in front of her, afraid that she would lose her patience if he delayed any longer.

Hanna looked through the CCTV footage of about 5 hours ago. She was attentively watching the footage as people entered and exited the mall. After 10 minutes, just as she was prepared to fast-forward the footage, a familiar face caught her eyes. She immediately paused the video and said proudly while pointing at Tang Yan, "I finally found my son! Look, Butler Han, he's so handsome!"

Director: "..."

Butler Han: "..!!!" Madam, can you watch what you say in front of outsiders?!

Hanna's smile froze when she saw a beautiful girl (Song Xia) next to him, "Wait... who is this girl?" The girl was as fair as the snow, her rosy cheeks resembled the red color of the rose petals. Moreover, when she smiled at him, she looked as if she was an angel who descended from the heaven.

Soon, her smile widened as she looked at Butler Han meaningfully, "Butler Han, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Butler Han glanced at the cheekily smiling lady and his mouth twitched. 'Madam, please! For Master's sake, can you please stop?' He coughed. "Madam, I don't know what you're talking about.."

Hanna pouted and pointed at Song Xia on the monitor, "I think this is my future daughter-in-law a.k.a Yanyan's girlfriend!" Hearing her words, the Director, his assistant and Butler Han subconsciously peeked at the girl who was as beautiful and stunning as a goddess and fell into a deep thought. The assistant and Director even felt like they had stumbled on a big secret!

Hanna grumbled with her cheeks puffed up, "That guy! He's hiding such a cute and beautiful daughter-in-law from me! If I hadn't traced him down today, right after landing in Australia, I wouldn't have ever found out about it!" Butler Han looked at his Madam who was acting like a child right now and his face darkened, just like the bottom of a pot.

The Director exchanged glances with his assistant. They hadn't just stumbled on one secret, but actually two big secrets. One secret: Famous Doctor Tang surprisingly has a girlfriend who is an unrivalled beauty! Another secret: Miss Hanna didn't know about it!
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》