My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
52 Stingy And Jealous Husband
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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52 Stingy And Jealous Husband

Hanna watched as the duo entered a cafe and sat there. Her son seemed to have said something which made the girl sigh. She attentively watched the footage and munched on the snacks that was provided by the Director. She suddenly turned her head and commanded Butler Han. "Have someone investigate this girl."

Butler Han nodded his head and had someone investigate Song Xia. Soon, he received some information regarding the girl. He reported it to her, "Madam, she is a slightly popular WeiBo star; her name is Alice. As for her background..." His face turned dejected. "Her background is unknown. Madam, we shouldn't allow such a mysterious person to be by Young Master's side.."

Hanna squinted her eyes, her earlier playfulness disappeared and she had a serious expression. What the Butler said was indeed right; such a mysterious person with an unknown origin shouldn't be the Young Mistress of the Tang Family! But on second thought, her dear son; even though he looked foolish and easy-going, actually he was quick-witted and smart. Otherwise, how could he have become a influential doctor across the world?

He knew about the family rules clearly so she was confident that he wouldn't be muddled by his desires and selfishness. Of course, it was a well-known fact that her son hadn't dated anyone his entire life so she would be his first girlfriend. And she knew her son too well; his standards were up too high, so high that even she herself had to admit her son was being too picky. But that meant that this girl reached all his standards.

Hanna shook her head when she saw how the duo fought with each other and sighed. "I won't meddle in this matter, unless the girl really has bad intentions for approaching Yanyan." Even though, I've interfered with many of his decisions; that were for his own good. For now, I'm letting them be; I'll mention this matter in front of him someday when we meet up...

Hanna straightened her back and stood up before smiling at the Director beautifully. "Director John, let's meet again next time. I'll have to take my leave now." Director John was mesmerized and awestruck by Hanna's beauty. No wonder, she was still the No.1 Goddess whose beauty could kill. No one could guess that she was married and even had a son who was already 25 years old.

When the Butler saw how the Director was looking at his Madam as if he had fallen in love, he cleared his throat. "Then we'll get going." The Director seemed to have come to his senses as he suddenly asked, "Miss Hanna, can I have your number?"

Realizing that it sounded too hurried, he quickly explained, "Please don't misunderstand me; I just want to contact you for business purpose." Hearing that, Hanna stopped on her tracks and smiled. "My number is-" Before she could tell him her number, the Butler looked at her with his hands joined and his eyes widened.

He hastily turned to his Madam and whispered, "Madam, I beg you; please don't do this... That's another one this week... How are we gonna face the Master if he finds out about your suitors?!" Moreover, if Master found out about how his wife had admirers that could line all the way to the Milky Way, he would surely be angered to death.

Hanna contemplated for a while before pouting her lips. "Butler Han, I was just playing around, okay! By the way, your Master never properly praises me; neither for my talent nor for my beauty. Hmph, one day when I run away with another guy, he'll regret not treating me well when he had me!"

Butler Han: "..." Miss, why are you acting like an actress from a soap opera?

Hanna flipped her hair over her shoulder and turned to Director John with an apologetic and polite smile. "I'm sorry, Mr. John. My dear husband is quite stingy and the jealous type so I can't give away my number to others. Bye~"
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Then she turned around and said in an indifferent tone, "Let's go." Butler Han was used to her different personas, so he nodded his head professionally. Actually, Hanna was just fooling around with Director John; she didn't really plan on giving him her number. Many people said that she became a legend in the fashion industry not only because she had eye for talent but also because of her professionalism.

Though she was smiling at Director John, only he knew that she was distant and cold towards him, just pretending to be friendly...

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》