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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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54 Deep Animosity

Looking at her beautiful smile, Ellen's expression immediately became gentle like the breeze. After hearing that she specifically chose and bought a gift for him, he felt even more pleased.

But when he opened the bag and saw the suit, his facial expression instantly changed...

The next second, he lifted his head and met her expectant gaze. He then lowered his eyes to look at the suit with a complicated look. The moment he glanced at the red suit again, that was so bright that one would surely feel like they'd go blind right away, his dark eyes squinted.

Yet when he thought about that cute anticipating face in front of him, Ellen found himself stuck in a dilemma. If he were to truthfully say that he didn't like the gift, she might feel extremely disappointed. But if he were to lie that he loved it, will she believe him?

Just as he was pondering deeply, he heard an impatient voice from a certain someone. Tang Yan was annoyed by the long silence in the room so he anxiously said, "Ellen, how do you feel about the gift that Song Xia bought for you?! You don't have to hide anything; just say what you want to say!"

Seeing that he was still hesitating, Tang Yan couldn't help but look at his best friend and feel doubtful. He knew him the best; whether it was his favorite color or his favorite game or his favorite food. He could easily list down what he liked and what he didn't; he knew it like the back of his hand.

So, he was confident that he wouldn't fail to guess his own pal's mind. Moreover, he remembered clearly that there was a memory from their childhood when Ellen admitted he detested bright colors. He didn't particularly know the reason why he did so, but he just felt that Ellen had a deep animosity against the color 'red' mainly. Maybe it was because of that incident years ago...

When Song Xia heard Tang Yan's words, her eyes flickered and she also insisted, "Ellen, you don't need to forcefully say you like it if you don't.. If you don't like it, then.. then, I would give it to Tang Yan! Tang Yan will surely wear it because it suits him a lot! So you don't need to-"

Before she could even finish her word and see Tang Yan's scornful expression, Ellen finally spoke. "I like it." Both Song Xia and Tang Yan froze in their spot and turned their head to look at Ellen in unison. Ellen seemed to be unusually dazed right now and no one could decipher his thoughts from that indifferent and cold face of his.

Tang Yan hastily asked as if he was suspecting that he heard it right or not. "W-What did you say?!"

Ellen hid his clenched fists and looked up from the shopping bag before saying in a slightly hoarse voice, "I said I like it; I'm neither lying nor am I forcefully saying it." Then he turned to Song Xia, "So you don't need to give it to him."

Tang Yan: "...You!!!" What? How can this be? Is this really his beloved bosom friend who had accompanied him in their hardships and challenges?? How did he lie so easily without getting his tongue bitten?! Tang Yan truly couldn't believe his own ears.

Song Xia who was already ready to act pitiful and reluctant when she gave him the suit to Tang Yan, was so stunned that her mouth was left agape. From what she knew, this wasn't the reaction she had imagined in her mind.

She had thought that he would throw the bag at her and say coldly, "I don't like red! You only know how to waste my money and time!" That sort of melodramatic scene where the female lead would act pitiful and weak in front of the cold-hearted male lead.
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But the outcome was truly unexpected for both Tang Yan and Song Xia!

Tang Yan came back to his senses and immediately blurted out in shock, "But how can this be?! I know the best that you hate the color 'red' most so why are you suddenly claiming that you like it?! It doesn't make sense at all!"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》