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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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55 I Do Have Proof!

Tang Yan came back to his senses and immediately blurted out in shock, "But how can this be?! I know the best that you hate the color 'red' most so why are you suddenly claiming that you like it?! It doesn't make sense at all!"

When he finished the sentence, he himself was dumbfounded. Alas, he realized that he had accidentally blurted out the truth and couldn't take his words back. He now regretted letting his mouth slip off when he felt Song Xia's death glare on him.

Song Xia who had been previously shocked by the outcome, was actually staring at him with a bone-chilling smile on her face. Tang Yan gulped as he watched Song Xia with a fearful gaze and intentionally tried to avoid her gaze. A cold voice sounded from the girl who had just transformed from a harmless bunny to a she-devil, "You knew that Ellen hates 'red' the most?"

Tang Yan guiltily swallowed his saliva and mustered up his courage to sound confident and indifferent, "Y-Yes.. so what? You never asked me about it before! And y-you knew Ellen for so many years yet you don't know his likes and dislikes?!"

Ellen didn't know what was happening between this duo until he felt a gust of cool wind passing by, which made him shudder. He noticed that Song Xia was staring at Tang Yan as if she wanted to slice him into pieces and was even more puzzled when he heard her question. Yet, when he heard Tang Yan's words, his clenched fists tightened.

Right, they knew each other for so long, yet they didn't know much about each other.. In the past, after she saved his life, she had suddenly vanished from there. He had searched everywhere for her but to no avail. If he hadn't bumped into her in the hotel, they'd have never met again.

After long pestering, he had finally gotten hold of her name and number. He continued to stay by her side, offering himself to her (probably because she saved his life) but she would always run away from him.

One day, because he had some works to do, he left for work and was as busy as ever. The next week he returned to the hotel, he found out that she had already left. He still remembered how he hurriedly ran to the airport to stop her from leaving but when he arrived there, she was already gone.

If it weren't for the number that she had left behind, they wouldn't have been in touch with each other after parting. Ellen felt embarrassed and sheepish whenever he thought about how he would always call her daily to know if she was alright. He would always hear her annoyed voice through the other end.

One day, when he had learned about her wedding, even though he felt heartache, he naturally wanted her to be happy. He didn't continue pestering her until he decided to return to China. Thinking back to those days, she was probably sick of him and thought of him as a 'nuisance'.

But it wasn't the same for him, because whenever he felt lonely and desolated, that face would suddenly pop into his head. Because she had said that even if the world would bring him down, she will be the one who stays by his side. And she was the only person who didn't hesitate to jump into the water in order to save him when the crowd was just watching him drown bit by bit.

Though they were strangers and didn't know each other at all, Song Xia had saved him from drowning without any delay. If she had stopped to think about it for even a second, maybe he would've died that day. But he didn't, so he wanted to give this life of his to her, even so she rejected him because her heart was with someone else...
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Ellen snapped out of his thoughts when he heard them bickering with each other. Song Xia coldly said with her arms folded, "Why didn't you say anything when I bought the suit?! You even said that his favorite color was red and that he absolutely LOVED red!!"

Tang Yan glanced at Ellen from the corner of his eyes and retorted with a guilty conscience, "I-I... When did I say that he loved 'red'?! I-I.. I said that he HATED the color 'red'! You heard it wrong and you're now blaming me, huh?! You don't have any proof to prove your words and you're framing me here!"

Just as Tang Yan became confident that she didn't have any evidence, he saw Song Xia curl her lips and say, "You want proof? I do have that!" Before he could even react, he heard his voice coming from her phone and was utterly shocked!

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》