My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
57 Love Rivals Are Bound To Meet 1
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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57 Love Rivals Are Bound To Meet 1

Wang Bo Lin had a very bad premonition as he walked over and asked gravely, "What happened?" The maid subconsciously blurted out, "Y-Young Miss is missing..."

When Wang Bo Lin heard that, his brows tightened. Out of fear, the maid immediately reported everything to them. "The Miss was getting ready for the party in her room just a moment ago. But when I left for a while and returned back, she had suddenly disappeared…"

Wang Yu Jie asked with a serious expression, "Did you check the bathroom and the other rooms? What if she's there.." The maid shook her head: "I searched the whole house but I still couldn't find the Young Miss."

Lin Jia pulled at Wang Yu Jie's arm and worriedly said, "Yu Jie, my heart feels like something bad is going to happen.. Where can Xiao Yuju be at?" Wang Yu Jie gave her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry; our Xiao Yuju has always been filial and intelligent. She won't rashly disappear like this. There must be a reason or a misunderstanding somewhere."

"Father, don't worry. Xiao Yuju will surely come before the party officially starts. She probably went somewhere and will return back before it gets late. If you also go to search for her, the guests will naturally find out that something was wrong." Lin Jia also agreed with her husband's words.

Now Wang Bo Lin could only reluctantly wait for the servants' side to come and provide him with news regarding his precious granddaughter. If something were to happen to her, he would simply discard this party and take care of his precious and only granddaughter, Yuju.

It was not like he cared about this party. This party was solely held for her; if she did not want to show up then screw this party. As he was thinking about this, he heard a commotion near the door. He looked there and immediately saw his old pal, Li Yui Ming coming towards him.

"Well, well, look who has returned back finally! At least you didn't forget this old man after so many years!" Li Yui Ming said in a happy tone. Wang Bo Lin laughed and teasingly said, "Haha, you haven't changed at all! It's just that your hair has turned white and you've also aged!"

Li Yui Ming retorted with a snort: "Old Wang, the same goes for you! By the way, where is your granddaughter? Isn't this party for welcoming her? I still remember how much Little Ming and that Yuju girl got along well in the past." He then shot a glance at Li Ming who appeared rather absentminded.

Wang Bo Lin helplessly replied with a smile, "Xiao Yuju is obviously getting ready right now. Ming and Xiao Yuju were very close in the past; I've never seen Yuju so happy with anybody else. Old Li, do you still remember their engagement when they were little? Now that they've grown up, I think it's time for their marriage."

Li Yui Ming couldn't help but sigh in his heart. He knew this topic would come eventually. If they had returned half a year earlier, maybe he would've agreed for the marriage but now it was already too late. He had already proposed marriage to the Zhang Family.

If he was to choose between the two families, he would naturally prefer the Wang Family because only they could match up to the Li Family and they were most familiar with each other. In the end, he had no choice but to make a marriage proposal to the Zhang Family to keep his promise.

The Zhang Family's Matriarch, Feng Wei, had died while saving his grandson's life once so he was extremely thankful and grateful for her. Feng Wei, on her deathbed, had wished for the Zhang Family's daughter to marry in the Li Family. To fulfill her last wish, he had arranged a marriage between Li Ming and Zhang Qian Mi.

Otherwise, no matter how he thought, the Zhangs weren't worthy of being their in-laws. Speaking of the Zhang Family, they had also received the invitation to the welcome party and had arrived much earlier than others. Zhang Qiao was looking around the big mansion and couldn't conceal her jealousy.

Meanwhile, Zhang Qian Mi was busy salivating in Li Ming's handsome face and wanted to go there. But when she saw his dazed look, she suddenly recalled how he had discarded her for his first love earlier. She couldn't help but think. 'Who is that girl? In the whole Beijing, there isn't anyone who dares to snatch my love from me! I would have to find out about her later!'

Zhang Hua had already gone his way to curry favor with Wang Yuju's parents. "Those are my daughters, Zhang Qiao and Zhang Qian Mi." He hurriedly called them over to greet them. Zhang Qiao elegantly smiled, "Good evening, Uncle Wang and Auntie Wang! I'm Zhang Qiao, the Eldest Miss of the Zhang Family."

Seeing Zhang Qiao chance upon the two respected figures, Zhang Qian Mi immediately went over and flashed a cute smile to them: "Auntie and Uncle Wang, I'm Zhang Qian Mi, the Second Miss of Zhang Family. I'm very happy to be able to attend this party and welcome Big Sister Wang!"

Wang Yu Jie was not clearly paying any attention to the sister duo and was just thinking about his precious daughter. While Lin Jia was the one who was responding to them. She paused and smiled, "I'm pretty sure that Xiao Yuju and Miss Qian Mi are of the same age." Zhang Qian Mi, who had thought that this Wang Yuju was older than her, became surprised.
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Just as all the guests were chattering and building their relationships with prominent figures, the host officially started the party. He smiled warmly and said in a professional tone, "To all the distinguished ladies and gentlemen, this welcome party has officially started now. Without wasting any time, let me invite the main protagonist of this party, the only heiress of the Wang Family, Miss Wang Yuju!"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》