My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
58 Love Rivals Are Bound To Meet 2
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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58 Love Rivals Are Bound To Meet 2

The host smiled warmly and said in a professional tone, "To all the distinguished ladies and gentlemen, this welcome party has officially started now. Without wasting any time, let me invite the main protagonist of this party, the only heiress of the Wang Family, Miss Wang Yuju!"

Wang Yu Jie and Lin Jia met each other's eyes and were puzzled. Did Yuju return already? All the guests clapped and cheered for Wang Yuju but few minutes passed by, yet she hadn't appeared. They started to find that something was fishy.

"What happened? Where is the Young Miss Wang?"

"I think the Wang Family is hiding something from us! Earlier, when I saw the maid rushing towards them earlier, I knew something was off!"

"I thought I was the only one who noticed! But what could've happened? Could the host have accidentally announced her name right now?"
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"Tsk tsk, Wang Family's Miss is being rude and arrogant by arriving late! Does she know how important the time of this prominent figures are?!"

"Shh! Keep your voice down! Do you want to die?! Don't you know how much Wang Family pampers their Miss?!"

The people were whispering amidst themselves and keeping their voices as low as possible. They obviously couldn't get caught talking bad about the Young Miss, otherwise the consequences would be dire.

Zhang Qian Mi couldn't help but steal glances at Li Ming from the corner of her eyes. Was it her illusion or Brother Ming looked somewhat expectant and unblinkingly stared at the stage? She didn't know why but from her heart, a bad feeling rose making her feel extremely uncomfortable. It felt as if something bad was going to happen..

Nobody noticed a strange, cold sneer in the corner of Zhang Qiao's lips. 'Tsk tsk, I thought that Wang Family's noble and elegant Miss wouldn't let a small fry like my sister bother her.. Who would've thought that, in the end, you also turned out to be like other woman when it comes to men.. Wang Yuju, I hope you won't disappoint this Miss..'

Wang Bo Lin frowned and was about to go and scold the host, just when the lights dimmed. The guests were puzzled and instantly became silent. Suddenly, a spotlight shone on the staircase and in everyone's view appeared a pair of slender legs. Instinctively, everyone held their breaths and their attention was focused on the staircase.

Then they saw a delicate beauty whose skin was white as snow and lips were red like cherries. She was donned in a baby-pink princess gown that made her appear extremely lovely and alluring. It was a pink tulle, puffy off-shoulder gown which was strapless. It not only made her look beautiful but also enhanced her elegance and gave a noble aura. The gown was simply made for Wang Yuju; it fit so perfectly that it displayed her beautiful curves and slim body.

Her hair was done into a messy updo, leaving some strands of hair hanging near her face. Everyone was mesmerized by her beauty and magnificence and simply felt as if they were watching a fairy descending from the Heaven. With graceful footsteps, Wang Yuju unhurriedly walked down the stairs, giving off an exquisite and magnificent aura which made everyone feel inferior to her.

Upon reaching downstairs, Wang Yuju smiled and walked towards the stage. The host himself was dazed and only reacted when Wang Yuju was coming to the stage. He hastily offered her his hand, like a gentleman. Wang Yuju tugged her hair behind her ears and while supporting her dress with one hand, she received the host's hand with a beautiful smile. That smile made the host feel his heart beat faster and faster, as if he fell in love...

Alas, he snapped back to his senses when they had reached the stage and the lights had once again turned on. Wang Yuju retracted her hand from his and looked towards the audience. The host was professional so he didn't let his feelings interfere with his job. He laughed and said with a smile, "Haha.. Miss Wang is indeed very beautiful.. No wonder you are the Wang Family's hidden treasure. Miss Wang, do you want to say something to the honorable guests?"

Wang Yuju smiled and received the mic from the host: "Mr. Hua, you're being too humble; I'm not so outstanding like you claimed.." She then turned to the guests and said in an apologetic manner: "Earlier, I met with a mishap which delayed my appearance. I'm very sorry for keeping you all waiting for so long.. I hope you all can forgive me for the mistake on my side.."

The host shook his head and earnestly replied: "Miss Wang, you're the one who's humble! It's okay, we understand that sometimes accidents may occur.. You don't have to apologize at all!" Wang Yuju helplessly sighed lightly before smiling brightly: "As you all already know about my identity as the Wang Family's Miss, Wang Yuju, so it's not very important for me to introduce myself. But I sincerely announce to all the distinguished guests present here, that I, Wang Yuju, will be under your care from now on. I hope we get along well."

Thunderous applause was heard throughout the whole house after Wang Yuju's introductory speech. The entire audience was cheering and clapping for her which made Wang Yuju smile. But when she spotted Li Ming from the audience, for some reason, her smile stiffened and she immediately looked away, avoiding his gaze.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》