My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
59 Love Rivals Are Bound To Meet 3
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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59 Love Rivals Are Bound To Meet 3

Li Ming's eyes had always been focused on Wang Yuju since she came so when he noticed her gaze on him, he smiled. But when he saw her stiff expression and avoiding his gaze, his eyebrows furrowed. 'Why do I feel something is off with her expression? Why is she avoiding my gaze? Did I.. do something wrong?' Countless question marks appeared on his mind.

Just as he was pondering, he saw Elder Wang walking towards the stage with two wine glasses in his hands. Watching his noble and esteemed figure, the guests immediately kept silent and instinctively made way for him. Wang Bo Lin's attention was only on his lovely granddaughter. As he was walking, he couldn't help but think about how she had grown up in front of his own eyes.

From a small little girl to this absolutely stunning and beautiful angel that she was today. He had known back then, that one day, she will eventually shine like a dazzling star. Now looking at her, he couldn't help but be proud and want to show off to the world that he had the most beautiful and talented granddaughter in the whole universe.

Wang Bo Lin indulgently stared at Wang Yuju with a proud expression and once he reached the stage, he tenderly passed one wineglass to her. Wang Yuju smiled brightly and took the glass from him. Wang Bo Lin turned to look at the audience who had quietened down after his appearance. He cleared his throat before saying in a grateful manner, \"Thank you all for attending this welcome party and having waited patiently...\"

\"... You all are known about this party's purpose that is to welcome my granddaughter, Wang Yuju. As Xiao Yuju is the only granddaughter of mine, I hereby announce that she is going to be the future successor of the Wang Family! Since she has returned to China, she is going to take some training to be experienced in the future... In the near future, maybe she will need your help to guide her; so I hope you can advise her well.. So I want everyone to open up and enjoy this party freely!\"

He then clinked his wineglass with Wang Yuju's. \"Cheers!\" The party turned livelier and more exciting after his speech. Wang Bo Lin walked towards Li Yuiming with Wang Yuju by his side. Currently, the Li Family and Wang Family were conversing with each other after reconciling after so long.

Li Yuiming praised his bosom friend: \"What a wise decision to make Yuju the successor!\" But what a pity; this girl with a bright future couldn't marry into his family... Wang Bo Lin, who always boasted about Wang Yuju whenever he got the chance, laughed heartily and said: \"Whatever, she's going to enter your family sooner or later!\" Li Yui Ming gritted his teeth. Was he intentionally trying to provoke him by rubbing salt in his wound?!

Earlier, when the other families heard Wang Bo Lin's announcement that Yuju was the successor, they couldn't help but want to marry this girl into their own families for huge benefits. Even if it was impossible, they wanted to give it a try. But when they saw the Li Family and Wang Family's strong friendship, they eliminated that idea from their mind right away.

A rich CEO's son was attentively staring at Wang Yuju. He was very fascinated by her beauty and immediately fell in love with her since the moment she came. He turned to his dad and said: \"Dad, I want to marry this Miss Wang! I want to marry her! Please arrange a marriage between us!\" His dad was none other than Liu Pei Cao, who was introduced in the earlier chapters.

Liu Pei Cao looked at his infatuated son and sighed. He naturally agreed with his idea of marriage but there was a big problem. He sternly said in a low voice, \"Yuheng, look at how close the Li and Wang Families are! They have been close for more than a decade! While we Liu Family cannot even hold a candle to the Li Family! Don't you know that the Li Family's Young Master has been betrothed to the Wang Family's Miss?!\"

The son was initially shocked but his face was full of suspicion. \"But Dad, haven't you heard about the rumors flaring up recently? The rumors say that the Zhang Family's Second Young Miss and the Li Family's Young Master! Zhang Qian Mi even readily accepted the rumors!\"

Liu Pei Cao looked at his son as if he was an idiot. He hastily said, \"Those rumors are just wishful thinking on Zhang Family's side! Aren't you aware about Zhang Family's Miss being infatuated over Li Family's Young Master?! I'm telling you; even a hundred Zhang Families cannot be on par with one Wang Family! Moreover, Li Family aren't fools; they naturally know who to choose between them!\"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》