My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
60 Love Rivals Are Bound To Meet 4
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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60 Love Rivals Are Bound To Meet 4

When Liu Yuheng (son) heard that, he felt sad and disappointed that such a beautiful girl was already taken. Liu Pei Cao looked at his son before clearing his throat, \"Let's change the topic. See, there are so many other Misses from prominent families! Don't be distressed and enjoy the party!\"


Wang Yuju was silently watching her grandpa conversing with Li Yui Ming when she was suddenly pulled by her mother. \"Mom, what happened?\" Lin Jia worriedly replied, \"You tell me, what exactly happened.\" Wang Yuju was puzzled and she blankly looked at her mother. Facing her blank expression, Lin Jia sighed and said: \"Xiao Yuju, where did you go earlier? We were so worried about you..\" A streak of sadness flashed in Wang Yuju's eyes but it quickly disappeared unnoticed.

Wang Yuju looked at her mother's worried face and a subtle smile formed in her lips. \"Mom, I went to the rooftop to get some fresh air. I was quite nervous about the party so I went there to calm myself down.. Were you all searching for me?\" When Lin Jia heard that, she heaved a sigh in relief. \"You should've told us earlier! Your father and grandfather were so worried that they dispatched all the servants to search for you..\"

Wang Yuju gave an awkward laugh to her words. They really cherished her so much... When she saw that Lin Jia wasn't suspicious about her words, she secretly sighed in relief. After all, it was just an excuse. Actually she didn't go to the rooftop but she was in her secret room all the time. That secret room was an underground room that nobody else knew about.

Earlier, she was getting ready for the party like the maid had said. She was already ready to go out but she suddenly got a message from an unknown person. Initially she didn't pay any attention to it but she accidentally saw the content and was shocked. It was a photo of a boy and a girl standing side by side, looking like a cute couple. Alas, she realized that the boy was none other than Li Ming..

Following the photo was a message: [Li Ming doesn't care about you at all, Wang Yuju. He has been fooling around with the Zhang Family's Second Miss, Zhang Qian Mi!]

Wang Yuju looked at her phone in disbelief for a while before noticing that something was off. [How did you get my number?]

There was a reply: [It doesn't matter how I got your number. All it matters is that Li Ming has been toying with you all this while. If you don't believe me, you can investigate it yourself.]

Wang Yuju couldn't help but feel her heart ache. But she didn't want to blindly believe everything a stranger told her. Because her and Li Ming's bond was way stronger than what it looked in the surface. It could be a pure misunderstanding so she used all her connections to know the truth. Yet, at last, the result truly rendered her speechless. It wasn't just any simple dating between them, but it actually concerned a marriage pledge.

She was stumped for words and could only blankly stare at those evidences. To be honest, she had expected this from the very beginning she returned but when it really happened, she couldn't utter a single word. Of course, she wasn't so stupid as to actually wholeheartedly believe that Li Ming played with her feelings. But no matter what, she couldn't control her emotions at all.

'Ming, you better have a good explanation to this, otherwise I don't know what I'll end up doing. I believe in you and your promise so please don't hurt me, okay?' Wang Yuju was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice Li Ming staring at her in confusion. 'Should I talk to her?? Why does she look like she wants to say something but doesn't dare to?' Li Ming could easily read her moods and thoughts even though Wang Yuju was just standing there.

The elders of the two families looked at the young children and finally noticed that something was wrong between them. Ji Wang was the one who brought up the topic: \"You two normally are the one who are always doing the talk! Now that you both have reconciled with each other, why are you so silent?\" Wang Yuju snapped back to her senses when she heard that. She looked at Li Ming and sighed before asking with a smile: \"Can I talk to Ming in private, if you all don't mind?\"

Everyone shook their heads and said in unison: \"We won't mind at all! Go and talk!\" Seeing everyone agree, Wang Yuju glanced at Li Ming before saying lightly, \"We need to talk.\"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》