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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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At the moment, the two ladies met each other's eyes...

Probably due to the feeling of inferiority towards Wang Yuju's ethereal beauty, Zhang Qian Mi couldn't help but subconsciously lower her eyes. She was stunned because she never expected to bump into her.

Earlier, she was jealously looking at the intimate relationship between the Li's and the Wang's. She then realized that Li Ming was also attentively staring at Wang Yuju which instantly added flames to her jealousy.

When she was almost dying out of enviousness, she saw Wang Yuju pull Li Ming to a corner. She immediately followed them but she was blocked by a crowd of people and lost track of them. When she made through the crowd, they had disappeared and she couldn't find them at all. She was anxiously pacing here and there, when she suddenly spotted Wang Yuju coming towards her direction.

She blankly stood there, staring at Wang Yuju with stupefied eyes. As for Wang Yuju, she studied the girl in front of her. She naturally recognized her as her so-called \"love rival\" and the Zhang Family's Second Miss.

Moreover, from her sources, she found out that this Second Miss was an illegitimate daughter of Zhang Hua and his mistress. Many were not aware of the truth that Zhang Qiao and Zhang Qian Mi were half-sisters from different mothers.

This explained the deep hatred between the both sisters and the favoritism of the father to his legitimate child who was Zhang Qiao. Though she could easily find out her past life if she wanted to, Wang Yuju was not nosy and minded her own business.

What she was worried about the most was actually if this girl had evil intentions towards Brother Ming and the Li Family. Even if she was an illegitimate daughter, her true behavior couldn't be perceived by her roots only. It was also possible that she didn't harbor any bad thoughts regarding the Li Family.

Under the eyes of Wang Yuju, Zhang Qian Mi didn't know why but she felt nervous in her heart. She put aside her jealousy, gritted her teeth and forced a smile on her face: \"Hello, Sister Yuju! I'm Zhang Qian Mi, the Second Young Miss of the Zhang Family!\"

At this moment, Wang Yuju's mood was already bad. Now after bumping into the person she mostly didn't want to see, the always calm and well-mannered Yuju unexpectedly didn't even bother greeting her back and just walked away.

Zhang Qian Mi clenched her fists and bit her lips. She stomped her feet and also walked away. In her heart, she was constantly cursing Wang Yuju to death. 'That b*tch dared to ignore me! If it weren't for her status, I wouldn't even bat an eye at her!'

She had already guessed that the little girl in Li Ming's wallet was Wang Yuju. 'So what if you're Brother Ming's childhood sweetheart? Wait until I get married to Brother Ming, then he will naturally love me! And I will make you regret very badly!'

But she knew clearly well in her heart that even if she was to marry Li Ming, she wouldn't be able to make him fall for her. Thinking about this, she started to hate her even more. Not only was she more beautiful and richer than her, but also she was the childhood sweetheart of Brother Ming! Truly too hateful!

In the other hand, at the Li Family and Wang Family's side. After Wang Yuju and Li Ming were gone, Wang Bo Lin exclaimed while laughing and looking at the two people's back, \"These two kids look so good together! We need to quickly choose an auspicious date and arrange a marriage soon!\"

Hearing his words, while the Wang Family's face had big smiles; the Li Family's side was gloomy and grave. Li Yui Ming was green with guilt and regret. He took a deep breath and cleared his throat. He could no longer keep this a secret from the Wang's; otherwise their deep friendship could end up getting ruined by this matter...

With a grave expression in his face, Li Yui Ming solemnly started speaking. \"Old Wang, actually, we have kept a matter from you..\" Wang Bo Lin looked at his old pal's serious expression and a bad premonition rose in his heart. \"What is it, Old Li?\"

Li Yui Ming sighed. \"In fact, Li Ming is.. already betrothed to the little girl from the Zhang Family..\" Listening to his words, Wang Bo Lin was taken aback and soon his face turned frosty. The other Wang family's members were also shocked.

Elder Wang (Wang Bo Lin)'s smile disappeared and he angrily asked, \"What is the meaning of this, Li Yui Ming?! You clearly know that Yu'er (Wang Yuju) and that Ming boy were engaged to each other. Yet when we returned back, the first thing you say is that Li Ming is betrothed to someone else?! Does my Wang Family look like a joke to you?!\"

Elder Li shook his head and sighed guiltily. He knew that his reaction would be like this so he hadn't brought up that topic. But even if her was to keep this a secret, the Wang Family would have found out sooner or later. So he could only resign to his fate and explain everything to his friend.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》