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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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63 Move On 2

Listening to Li Yui Ming's explanation, Wang Bo Lin and the others were mad but at the same time they understood that he had no choice in this. After all, he owed his grandson's life to the Matriarch Zhang..

But then again, they could've just told them beforehand. Wang Bo Lin was extremely infuriated when he thought about how his Wang Family looked forward to this marriage. Even Wang Yuju, his precious granddaughter, was also anticipating since god knows how many years. Yet, at last, they became a big joke.

He didn't care much about his family's pride or dignity but what he was most worried about was his dearest granddaughter. Don't know how she will react if she found out.. Could she have already found out by now?

Wang Bo Lin frowned and asked Li Yui Ming in a chilly voice, \"Does that boy know?\" The latter helplessly nodded his head. 'That brat knew! Yet he didn't tell Yu'er or any of us!' Wang Bo Lin's face turned frosty as he narrowed his brows.

Wang Yu Jie clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white. If he had known all this earlier, he wouldn't have let his daughter have high hopes regarding the marriage. He regretted reminding her about the marriage promise. Recalling how his little princess always blushed and became shy whenever they brought up this topic, he felt uneasy in his heart..

Lin Jia worriedly muttered, \"If Xiao Yuju finds out about this, she will surely be heartbroken.. But she won't show that to others...\" Because that girl ah, she doesn't let others see her pain.. Others simply couldn't find out any difference but as her mother, how could she not know?

The Li Family was really put into a difficult situation. On one hand, there was the Wang Family whom they had deep friendship with and on the other was the late Matriarch Zhang whom they were forever indebted to. If they were in their shoes, the Wangs would also have done the same thing. But the one who was most implicated with this was probably Wang Yuju.

Just when they were deep in their thoughts, Wang Yuju appeared and realized the tense atmosphere among the two families. She figured out that they already knew about the whole matter.

Upon seeing her, Wang Bo Lin's face turned gentle but soon tensed up again when he thought about the matter before. He didn't know how to tell this to her. After a while, he took a deep breath and solemnly said, \"Yu'er, grandpa has something to tell you..\"

Before he could say anything, Wang Yuju forced a subtle smile and said. \"Grandpa, I already know about the matter..\" Listening to her words, the Li and Wang families were surprised. Li Xing was astonished: \"When did you find out about it?\" Wang Yuju replied truthfully, \"To be honest, I just found out about it before the party..\"

She glanced at Li Yui Ming and said with a reassuring smile: \"Grandpa Li, I understand your motive; you must've had a hard time making such a tough decision..\" Lin Jia looked at her daughter and her heart ached. She pulled her by the arm and tried to coax her.

\"Yuju, don't force yourself for the sake of other's happiness, alright? You shouldn't sacrifice your..\" Yuju lowered her head and bit her lips while softly uttering, \"Mother, don't stop me.. I'm not forcing myself..\"

She brushed her mother's arm away and lifted her head. She was about to say something when Li Yui Ming cleared his throat. \"Little girl, this old man has wronged both you and Ming'er.. If you want, I can talk to the Zhang Family about this matter..\"

Wang Yu Jie also gently patted her back. \"Yuju, tell Father if you want to marry your Brother Ming and I will make sure..\" Wang Yuju's eyes reddened and she clenched her fists. Of course she wanted to marry him but she couldn't be so selfish as to disrespect the late Matriarch who had saved Brother Ming's life.

Wang Yuju slowly took a deep breath and said with determination, \"Grandpa Li, I've already talked to Brother Ming about this matter earlier.. Putting aside my own desires, I want to respect the dead's wishes. After all, the marriage topic between us was just a joke from when we were small..\" And I took it really seriously..

She turned to her mother and said in a very tired tone, \"Mother, I'm feeling tired so I'm going back to my room to rest..\" Lin Jia was worried about her but she could only sigh and let her leave.

Because she knew that her daughter liked to vent her anger and sadness when she was all alone. She was probably worn out from having to attend to all the guests and also finding out such a upsetting truth. Her heart ached very badly for her only child.

Having her agreement, Wang Yuju was just about to leave when someone caught her wrist tightly. The warmth around her wrist and the uncontrollable emotions in her heart made the tears that she held back so hardly, rush out from her eyes like waterfall..

She knew she would lose control so she was intentionally trying to run away from others yet who could've guessed that he would appear out of nowhere and with a single contact with him, she lost control..

Certainly, the \"he\" was Li Ming..

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》