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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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She curiously walked towards the study room and listened carefully.

Wang Bo Lin's stern voice sounded out from inside, \"Naturally, we cannot halt all the ongoing projects between the Wangs and the Lis.\"

Xia Meng froze and she leaned at the door to eavesdrop on the ongoing conversation. 'Oh? What is Grandpa Wang talking about?' she thought while trying her best to eavesdrop.

Why was she always either eavesdropping or overhearing the elders' conversations? But like a curious little kid that she always was, she couldn't help but stretch her neck to watch the current situation inside the study.

The door was slightly opened with a small gap and she could see the tense situation inside. She blinked her pair of bright eyes. 'It seems to be related to the Li Family.. Sigh, No, I shouldn't be eavesdropping..' She thought that but clearly she continued doing it.

She watched attentively as she saw Wang Yu Jie's furious expression. \"The Li Family has betrayed us! I don't care about anything but in all of these troubles, why does my innocent daughter have to be hurt?! I no longer can suppress my fury!\"

Lin Jia who stood by her husband's side with tears brimming in her eyes, worriedly said. \"Xiao Yuju, that girl, she won't tell us but she surely feels betrayed and hurt! Even though the Li Family had no choice, they could've just outright told us right away but they kept this a secret!\"

Xia Meng secretly nodded her head in agreement. 'Auntie Wang is right! That Li brat even kept such a big secret from me! He could've told me and then I could've told Yuju if he couldn't tell her personally! But no, that punk didn't tell me at all! How hateful!'

Just as she was pondering, she accidentally leaned too much on the door which made the door swing open and her whole body falling forward. Luckily, she didn't fall flat on her face otherwise she would've been embarrassed to death.

When she stood up, she realized the three elders' eyes on her and suddenly wanted to slap herself. Sh*t, she was caught eavesdropping! Everything is over now!

Wang Bo Lin was surprised to see the door suddenly opening and was even more taken aback when he saw Xia Meng rolling inside. \"Oh? Meng'er? What were you doing outside?\" His tone was very gentle because he regarded her as his other granddaughter he never had.

Xia Meng stood up and scratched her neck sheepishly. \"Ah, um.. Grandpa Wang, I was just passing by and accidentally knocked over the door.. Sorry to disturb all of you.. I'm gonna take my leave then..\"

With that said, she turned around and immediately walked away, afraid that the elders would find something amiss. After seeing that the elders didn't say anything, she quickly took her bag and ran upstairs.

\"Phew, that was close..\" Xia Meng sighed in relief as she headed towards Wang Yuju's room. She spotted the maid returning back with a tray of food in her hand and frowned slightly. \"Why are you returning back with food?\"

The maid lowered her head and spoke truthfully, \"I brought the food to Young Miss but she said that she didn't have an appetite and ordered me to send it back..\"

Halfway listening to her sentence, Xia Meng massaged her temples and sighed. 'That girl..' After sighing for the twentieth time, only then did she take the tray of food from the maid and said, \"Your work is done, go back. I'll coax your family's Miss to have dinner!\"

The maid bowed and went downstairs. Xia Meng, with the tray of food in her hand, entered the room to see Wang Yuju dressed in casual pajama. She was drying her hair and when she heard the door open, she smiled at Xia Meng and as if nothing happened, she said sweetly: \"Xiao Meng, you came!\"

Xia Meng was speechless at her exceptional acting skills. 'How could this girl still act like she's fine when she literally cried like a baby just few moments ago?' Her mouth twitched as she sternly said, \"Why did you order the maid to send the food back? Are you planning to starve yourself to death?!\"

Wang Yuju shook her head and softly said, \"I didn't have any appetite so..\" Before she finished her sentence, Xia Meng had already arrived in front of her. Pulling her to sit on the couch, she passed the food tray to her. With her arms folded, she seriously instructed, \"Eat.\"

Wang Yuju didn't eat it and pleaded with her bright twinkling eyes, \"Xiao Meng, you see.. I really don't want to eat right now..\" Xia Meng stubbornly stared at her with cold eyes. \"I told you to eat!\" But Wang Yuju, being her best friend, was equally stubborn. \"Xiao Meng.. I also told you I have no appetite..\"

The both of them bickered for a while like this before Xia Meng took the tray of food from Wang Yuju's hands. The latter was about to smile but soon she realized something wasn't right. She then saw Xia Meng sit down next to her.

Xia Meng set the tray aside before saying with a mysterious smile, \"Xiao Yuju.. You know what; I won't force you to eat. But it's such a pity.. If you don't finish eating your food, I'm afraid I won't be able to give your welcome gift to you..\"

With her words being mysterious, Wang Yuju's curiosity was piqued instantly. She eagerly asked, \"Welcome gift? You bought a gift for me?\" Xia Meng nodded her head but before Wang Yuju could be happy, she heard Xia Meng say in a sad tone, \"But alas, you won't get it at last..\"

Wang Yuju innocently asked, \"Why won't I get it?\" Xia Meng shook her head and sighed dramatically, \"Since you refuse to eat your food, then this Miss has no choice but to throw this precious gift away..\"

Wang Yuju subconsciously blurted out, \"Who said I won't eat my food? Of course I'll-\" Halfway she realized something was amiss with her sentence and stopped. When she saw the smirk in Xia Meng's lips, finally realization hit her like a truck as she found out that she was tricked by her!

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》