My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
67 Easily Get Whatever She Wants
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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67 Easily Get Whatever She Wants

Wang Yuju was going to say something when Xia Meng quickly said, \"Oh? You're going to eat then!\" She later picked up the tray of food from the table and smiled craftily as she passed her the tray. \"Eat then!\"

'This cunning fox!' Wang Yuju felt that her IQ always depleted whenever she was with Xia Meng, this crafty fox! Now, great! She was actually tricked into eating by her!

Wang Yuju reluctantly took the tray of food and asked, \"Why are you so bent on making me eat?\" Xia Meng raised her brows as she looked at her from head to toe in displeasure, \"Look at yourself; you're so thin, just like a stick! Not to mention, your body is still so weak! I'm afraid if I don't force you to eat tonight, you'll fall sick next day!\"

Hearing her exaggerated words, Wang Yuju was dumbfounded but she felt warm in her heart when she saw how worried she was. She sighed and looked at the food, \"Ai, since you keep insisting on making me eat, I'll reluctantly eat then..\"

The both of them immediately burst out into laughter. Later, Wang Yuju started eating slowly. When she ate, she didn't forget to feed Xia Meng as well. After they were done, Wang Yuju suddenly asked, \"Now where is my gift?\"

Xia Meng rubbed her full stomach as she turned to her and chuckled, \"What's the hurry? It's not like I'm going to snatch it away from you!\" Wang Yuju extended out her hand and grabbed at the bag behind Xia Meng which completely caught the latter to be caught off-guard.

But since Xia Meng was skilled in martial arts, her reaction was faster than Yuju's and she had already snatched her bag. With a teasing expression, she said, \"Xiao Yuju, you're the Wang Family's Young Miss and you can easily get anything you want! Why'd you want to snatch this Miss's bag? Could it be my little bag caught your attention?\"

Hearing her words, even the good-natured Wang Yuju was feeling annoyed. \"Xiao Meng, don't try to change the topic! You said you'll give the gift to me if I finish the meal!\" Xia Meng chuckled and rubbed her nose, \"Xiao Yuju, I really like it when you make that expression! Can you show it to me again?\"

Wang Yuju gritted her teeth and pouted her lips, turning away from her. Xia Meng watched this and couldn't help but laugh as she hugged her from behind. \"Oh, Xiao Yuju! How can you be so cute? If I were born as a man, I would have surely married you and brought you home!\"

Wang Yuju rolled her eyes. Seeing that she was still ignoring her, Xia Meng immediately took out a blue velvet box and gave it to her. Wang Yuju received the box and curiously opened it to find a beautiful pendant lying inside. The small round pendant was made from authentic diamond. It was simple yet so elegant, completely fitting with Wang Yuju's temperament.

Wang Yuju stroked the pendant with a smile on her face, apparent that she liked it very much. She took it out and turned to Xia Meng, \"Help me put it on!\" The latter obediently put the pendant on her neck. Wang Yuju curiously asked, \"How do I look?\"

Xia Meng immediately gave her a thumbs up, \"Perfect!\" She was going to say something else when her phone started ringing. \"Oh? Who must be calling me right now?\" She mumbled before excusing herself and going outside while answering the call.

\"Hello, who is this?\"

\"Xiao Meng, you forgot me when I was only gone for a few years, huh?\"

Hearing the familiar male voice, Xia Meng's heart jumped with joy: \"Oh Senior Brother, how can Meng'er forget you? Oh right, do you have something to tell me? You never called me these few years! Eh, could it be..\"

As expected, her guess was correct. The other side spoke with a slight chuckle, \"I heard Xiao Yuju returned back from the States, is it true?\"

Xia Meng teasingly replied, \"Ah, of course it's true! Senior Brother, are you planning to come back as well?\"

\"Mm, about to be back next week..\"

'Wait what?' Xia Meng paused. She was just wildly guessing and it turned out to be true! \"Senior Brother, weren't you going to stay in Australia for a few more years? I also heard that you're the assistant doctor of the famous doctor, Tang Yan! Woah, I'm so impressed!\"

\"Even if you're impressed, I bet a certain someone won't be..\"

Hearing his dejected voice, Xia Meng suddenly recalled that her Senior from the college actually liked Wang Yuju and courted her for years but was still rejected in the end. At this moment, an idea popped in her head.

Since that brat Li Ming dared to hurt Yuju, why don't I let Senior Brother take an advantage of the situation and match-make him with Yuju? In that case, not only would Senior Brother get a chance but Yuju could also try to move on.. It was like killing two birds with a stone!

\"Senior Brother, I say, quickly return as soon as possible.. I'm telling you that as long as you return quickly, you can get a chance to win Yuju's heart! Then, you would become my Brother-In-Law.. Wait, if you're my Senior Brother then Yuju is my Sister-In-Law! Ugh, I don't know what I'm blabbering! So just quickly return, ah!\"

After that, she hung up. Xia Meng simply had no idea how much of an impact her careless words had on her Senior Brother.. He simply felt as if he was dreaming... Win her heart? Of course he wanted to do it!

So that day, he sought out Tang Yan and informed him that he would be rushing back to China! Later, he boarded the plane for the latest flight to China and hurried to go back. He simply didn't care as long as he stood a chance to be with her!

\"Her\" was obviously the goddess of his heart, Wang Yuju...

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》