My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
68 “You Think I“m Your Maid?!“
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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68 “You Think I“m Your Maid?!“

- Sydney, Australia

Song Xia stretched her arms and walked downstairs. She then spotted Tang Yan talking in the phone while standing near the windows.

\"Is it really urgent?... No, it's okay... Well, since you're going then.. Bye!\" Tang Yan hung up the phone, turned around and was surprised to see Song Xia behind him. \"You nearly scared me to death!\" He put his hands over his chest dramatically as if he had suffered a huge scare.

Song Xia rolled her eyes and curiously asked, \"Who were you talking with just now?\" Tang Yan replied, \"My assistant doctor. He said he had something urgent to do so he's returning back to China.\"

Upon hearing China, Song Xia's smile dimmed and her face darkened slightly. Maybe, it was because she was feeling kind of homesick.. She missed everyone to death.. Wanting to return back..

Just at that moment, Ellen came downstairs. The first thing he saw when he came downstairs was this duo conversing with each other. His eyes darkened as he ignored them and went to the dining room. Few moments later, he shouted from there: \"Tang Yan! Do you want to starve me to death?!\"

Upon hearing his shout, Tang Yan headed towards the dining room and while crossing his arms, he arrogantly said, \"You think that I'm your maid?! Tsk tsk, Ellen, from the moment I started living here, I've been neglecting my profession and instead cooked for you! Today, just because I was a bit busy and I forgot to cook breakfast, you want to shout until my earbuds burst out?!\"

Ellen retorted angrily, \"You're staying in my house without paying any rents yet you're talking back to me here! You should be thankful that I didn't demand any rent from you because you were my bestfriend! Talking to your landlord like that; aren't you afraid that I'll kick you out?!\"

Tang Yan shouted back, \"Kick me out?! Go ahead! It's not like I don't have any money! If I want, I can buy more than hundred houses like this one! Rent?! Xiao Xia is also staying here without paying any rents, so why should I?! You should go demand her rent instead!\"

When Song Xia heard his words, she was rendered speechless. 'Why is this doctor suddenly bringing me down with him to the path of hell?! I got shot down just by being present!' She gritted her teeth and took out her phone from the pocket. This duo will obviously keep fighting like kids for a long time..

She dialed a nearby good restaurant's number and ordered 'few' breakfast meals. As she watched the two of them arguing, the doorbell rang. Song Xia went outside, received the ordered breakfast and paid for the meals. With a pleasant look in her face, she thought. 'Wow, this restaurant's delivery is pretty fast! I should give it good ratings online!'

She then happily hopped towards the dining area and set the plastic bag down on the table. After that, under the gaze of two stupefied men, she took out the 'few' meals that she ordered. Immediately the whole table was filled with delicacies.

Tang Yan looked at the meals and frowned. While pointing at Song Xia who was ready to dive in the food any moment, he scolded. \"You! Why did you order so many junk foods?! Did you forget that I'm a doctor?! I'm a very hygienic person, okay! You can't just order these unhealthy foods while I'm around! If you don't throw them all right now, I'll surely kick you out of this house!\"

Song Xia clicked her tongue in displeasure and glanced at Ellen who had already sat beside her. The real landlord hadn't said anything yet this guy said that he'll kick me out! Heh, what a joke! She snorted while picking her chopsticks, \"Since you're such a 'hygienic' person, then don't eat my foods. No one is going to force you, Dr. Tang Yan!\"

Tang Yan coldly humphed and looked away, \"Who wants to eat your food?! I was just being considerate towards your health! But seeing you two eating these junk foods, I can't tolerate it anymore! I'm going!\"

Song Xia waved her hand and smiled, \"Bye~\" Then she proceeded to eat delightfully. Ellen didn't say anything and also continued eating. Tang Yan who was intentionally walking slower, waiting for the two to stop him from leaving, nearly coughed blood when he saw their nonchalant expression.

Gritting his teeth, he turned around and walked towards them. \"Xiao Xia, are you planning to become a pig?! These all meals are enough to have for one day! I'm telling you, even if you beg me to join you, I won't eat it!\"

No response. The two people continued eating like he wasn't there. Seeing this, Tang Yan sneered as he walked away from the room. He would surely teach these two a lesson!

Moments later, Song Xia looked at the two-faced Tang Yan sitting in front of her and broke into laughter. \"What happened to being a 'hygienic person'?! Didn't you say that even if I begged you to join us, you won't eat it~?\"

Hearing her words, Tang Yan's face turned red from embarrassment but he continued eating, \"I-I was afraid that you two won't be able to finish the food!\"

Right at that moment, his phone suddenly rang. Tang Yan was annoyed. Why was everyone calling him this early morning?! But when he saw the caller ID, his face turned gentle. Looking at his facial expression, Song Xia couldn't help but choke on her food. Just who was the one who was calling him?

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》