My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
69 Personally Kill Him When He Returns
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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69 Personally Kill Him When He Returns

Tang Yan drank a mouthful of water before excusing himself and walking to a corner to answer the call. \"Hello?\"

Song Xia was staring at him, dumbfounded. Wow, I never see him talking this gently to anyone! Could it be.. his girlfriend? Her curiosity was instantly piqued. Ellen looked at her gossipy expression and sighed. \"It's his mother.\"

Song Xia's eyes widened: \"Mother?\" Ellen nodded his head, \"Mm.\" Wow, so this arrogant doctor actually knew how to care for someone..

As Song Xia was deeply pondering, Tang Yan came and said in a lazy tone, \"I have something to do today, so I'm going!\" After that, he dashed off.

Song Xia looked at him running away and the corner of her mouth couldn't help but twitch. When she suddenly remembered something, she yelled as she stood up: \"Wait! Tang Yan! We were supposed to be watching a movie together!\"

From afar, Tang Yan seemed to have heard her yell as he yelled back, \"Watch it yourself!\" Song Xia pursed her lips and slammed the table. 'That punk! I'll kill him personally once he returns!'

At that moment, she had forgotten that there was still another person currently dining with her. When Ellen heard her words, his face turned frosty. Watching a movie.. together!? A strange emotion flashed in his cold eyes. His feelings were extremely complicated right now.

Song Xia glanced at him in passing and saw that his face had turned cold abruptly. She blinked her eyes and shuddered when she felt a chill run down her spine. She quietly sat down and continued eating.

Suddenly, remembering something, she peered at him for a while before finally asked hesitantly. \"Ellen.. Actually.. I wanted to say something..\"

Ellen raised his eyebrows and stared at her without saying anything. Song Xia gulped as she said slowly, \"Ellen.. I'm thankful that you saved my life from that accident.. And you even let me live here.. But to be honest.. Ellen, you know it better than anyone else.. You can't keep taking care of me for my whole life.. So..\"

Ellen cut her off expressionlessly: \"I can.\"

\"Ah?\" Song Xia was just about to bring the matter of returning back to China, so when she heard his reply, she blankly stared back at him. After a while, when she finally understood his words, she started coughing violently.

Ellen hurriedly passed her a glass of water and patted her back gently. Song Xia took the glass and immediately gulped it all down. After that, she set the glass on the table and glanced at Ellen from the corner of her eyes..

When she thought about his words again, she didn't know why but she started blushing really hard. Was he... doing it on purpose?! Flirting with her and still looking so clueless!

Seeing her red face, Ellen frowned as he asked worriedly, \"Are you okay?\" Song Xia covered her face helplessly and nodded her head. She then stood up, \"I'm fine! I've finished eating, so I'm going to my room!\" After that, she ran upstairs instantaneously.

Looking at her dashing off like her life depended on it, Ellen sighed before standing up from the chair. How could he not know what she was going to say next? He knew clearly how much she wanted to returned but was still reluctant..

He was just too afraid that once he let her return back to China, her life would be in danger..

He knew he was too selfish and just wanted her to be by his side, but he wouldn't let her go back to risk her life again.. Ever since he saw her condition after that accident, a restrained fear was born in his heart. He had then resolutely made a decision to bind her by his side and never let her go..


After Song Xia rolled in her bed and jumped in the fluffy bed for the umpteenth time, she finally stopped and lied on the bed. She pinched her own cheeks in frustration and couldn't help but blush again while thinking about Ellen's reply.

Song Xia talked to herself, \" 'I can'. That flirt Ellen just said these two words yet, why am I feeling so bashful?! Wait, it was not like he flirted with me.. Yet..\" Her heart was excitedly jumping up and down. But this wasn't the first time she felt this way around him.

She also felt like this when they had accidentally bumped into each other at a restaurant (Hotel incident) and then he kept teasing her.. Recalling all his flirtatious words, her face turned scarlet and she punched the pillow many times with her small fists (A/N: Poor pillow!).

Suddenly, she heard a cough coming from the door and her whole body, which was rolling here and there, instantly froze. She stiffly turned her head around to see.. Ellen standing at the door.. Immediately, her mind turned blank with embarrassment and regret.

She now personally experienced the feeling of wanting to dig a hole and bury her entire body inside!

'Ah ah!!! So freaking embarrassing!!!!! Why did he have to come over at this moment?!!!! Why?!!!' In her mind, she was shouting in a crazy manner but in the outside, she maintained a calm expression. 'No, it could be possible that he didn't see or hear anything... That's right..'

Song Xia unhurriedly sat up on the bed and controlled her emotions. She was going to ask him why he was here, when she saw Ellen stroking his chin with an amused smile on his face, \"Flirt? Xiao Xia, were you calling me 'flirt' behind my back just now?\"

Song Xia: \"...\" Sh*t, he had heard everything...

She opened her mouth to say something; but before she could even utter a single word, Ellen once again said with a laugh. \"Also why did you punch that pillow? Could it be you imagined the pillow as me and vented out your anger on it?\"

Song Xia couldn't say anything in refusal at all: \"...\"

Fine, she gave up.. This guy's IQ, which seemed to be in holiday on other days; why did it have to return back today?! To make her feel so ashamed that she wanted to hide her face?! Or to make her want to die out of embarrassment?!

Song Xia simply wanted to cry but lacked the tears..

Seeing her resentful gaze on him, Ellen couldn't help but break into laughter.. His gloomy mood from before brightened up right at that moment when he saw her little face grudgingly looking at him.. He found her looking inexplicably cute the more he looked at her right now..

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》