My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
71 Simply A Match Made In Heaven
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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71 Simply A Match Made In Heaven

Afraid that he will be slaughtered by his Boss, he quickly moved his gaze away from Song Xia and he quickly opened the car doors for them. Only after seeing that Ellen didn't do anything after getting inside the car, did he finally release the breath he was holding.

Song Xia took out her phone from her bag and started scrolling down for any latest news. There weren't much going on; it was just all about the comeback of the Wang Family and Wang Yuju. So she became bored and instead began taking selfies and photos.

After that, she posted some of them: [Boring day~ Going to watch a movie with a friend~!]

The moment she posted, her loyal die-hard fans had already liked the post in the pace of a lightning.

[Honey_Lover: AHHHH!!!! Princess Alice finally posted something after so long! I was nearly getting bald while waiting for her posts!!]

[AllHailAliceQueen: Princess Alice looking beautiful as always~! I wonder whom Princess Alice is going to watch the movie with..]

[GoddessALICE'sWorshiper: Every Alice's fans, I just made a fan-club for our Princess Alice! Those who are interested in joining the fan-club can become part of our family~ And we can worship Goddess together~!]

[QueenAlice'sAdmirer: The one upstairs, I want to join the fan-club~]

[ALICE'sDie-hardFan: Me too~ But what is the name of the fan-club??]

[GoddessALICE'sWorshiper: The fan-club is "PrincessALICE'sLittleBabies"]

[QueenAlice'sAdmirer: ...]

[ALICE'sDie-hardFan: ...Mr. Worshiper, can we change the name or something??]

[GoddessALICE'sWorshiper: Okay, let's change it to "PrincessALICE'sLittleAngels"]

[QueenAlice'sAdmirer: ...]

[ALICE'sDie-hardFan: ...]

[Honey_Lover: Can I join?? I absolutely love honey and Princess Alice~!]

[GoddessALICE'sWorshiper: Of course~ Welcome to our family~]

[AllHailAliceQueen: ...]

And so this was how Song Xia's new fan-club was made under the name "PrincessALICE'sLittleAngels" (A/N: I couldn't think of any other name).

Song Xia was still browsing through latest news when the car stopped and Secretary Han informed them that they had reached the movie theater. She stepped out of the car and looked around while Ellen was busy talking to Secretary Han. Ellen came over after Secretary Han had left and smiled, "Let's go inside."

Song Xia nodded her head and they both walked inside. The moment they stepped inside, they instantly attracted everyone's gaze. Song Xia rubbed her temples as she said to Ellen speechlessly, "Your eye-catching appearance matched with your handsome face surely attracts everyone's attention!"

But she didn't know that she was also the center of attraction at the moment. Everyone eventually misunderstood that they were a couple because they looked extremely good together.

Song Xia simply ignored their gazes and bought popcorn and snacks while Ellen just stood beside her to pay for them. The staff working there just happened to be a young girl. She was shyly looking at them while giving them those snacks. 'Ooh, what a perfect couple! They are simply a match made in heaven!'

After Song Xia shoved all the snacks at him, Ellen lowered his head to find his arms filled with a mountain of varieties of food and was speechless: "..."

He looked at Song Xia with gloomy eyes. "Are you planning to buy the whole store?" Song Xia shot him a glare. Ellen was dumbfounded by her expression that read: 'are you an idiot?'. Song Xia shrugged her shoulders, "You didn't stop me from buying so I bought whatever I wanted! I was carried away earlier; you should've at least stopped me!"

Ellen: "..!!" How is it my fault now?! I didn't stop you because I thought you were hungry, okay?! Why do you always blame me?!

Song Xia scratched her head as she smiled, "Well, I guess we'll have to do with it! There's no refund for snacks that have already been bought!"

'Whatever, it's not like it is my own money! Blame yourself for being so filthy rich! Oh wait, I'm gonna have to return his money someday.. Well, now that I think of it, I suddenly want to run away.. I owe this man so much that I'm surely not gonna be able to pay off this debt.. I feel broke.. Need to earn money ASAP..'

Ellen looked as her facial expression changed from mocking to aggrieved and from sad to 'I'm so done' look. He simply didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Oh right, which movie are we going to watch?" He had forgotten to ask this question to her before and finally remembered about it right now.

Song Xia took out two tickets from her bag and let him have a look. With a magnanimous smile, she said, "I already bought the tickets online! Initially, I was planning to refund it but since you begged me to accompany me today, I couldn't bring myself to refuse your request!"

'Begged? Me to you? Ha, young lady, you sure have grown big guts to say this..' Ellen smiled faintly at Song Xia but the latter could feel the murderous aura coming from him. She shrank her head back and said hastily, "Let's go inside! The movie's starting!" She then immediately ran inside.

Ellen sighed as he looked at her disappearing back and then at the tickets on his hand. When he looked at the movie, he was taken aback..

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》