My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
74 “Are You Two Forgetting Me?“
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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74 “Are You Two Forgetting Me?“

When she finished speaking, Song Xia was surprised, listening to her own words.

She didn't know why but maybe it was because the little kid extremely resembled her elder brother that she impulsively said those words just now.

Even Ellen was taken aback from her words. He looked at her in disbelief and astonishment.

His gaze suddenly darkened as he lowered his head to hide the strange expression on his face.

'She would rather choose to believe a stranger than me.. What does she exactly think of me?' (A/N: Overthinking kills, Ellen)

He had been feeling extremely happy since morning from accompanying her to breakfast to the movie theatre.

While watching the movie, he had felt ecstatic to have her by his side.

But now it all came crashing down..

He felt a slight suffocation in his heart.

The blazing red suit on his body suddenly made him feel extremely uncomfortable as countless blurried images flashed past his head.

Blood.. Dead bodies.. Red dyed the sky and the land.. There was red everywhere..

(A/N: I know I'm not good at details, just imagine red everywhere)

Different memories that were buried deep in his heart suddenly seemed to have been triggered.

He felt his head ache painfully. Ellen subconsciously stepped back while holding his head.

Seeing him suddenly forcefully closing his eyes, Song Xia felt something was wrong with him.

But it happened all of a sudden that she couldn't react at all. She didn't understand what happened exactly.

The little boy's eyes flashed with a indiscernible light but his expression soon turned back to normal.

He quietly tugged Song Xia's skirt and asked softly with a meaningful gaze, "Sister, what's wrong with Uncle?"

Song Xia shook her head and shrugged as she muttered anxiously, "I don't know.."

She walked towards Ellen and hesitated before reaching out her hand and patting his shoulder. "Ellen... Ellen!"

Ellen frowned as he opened his eyes slowly when he heard someone call out to him.

When he saw the face in front of him clearly, the pain he felt instantly disappeared.

It was as if his world, which was full of darkness, suddenly saw a light..

A very bright light which was her..

Ellen soon calmed down as he indifferently looked at her and avoided her hand.

Seeing his cold expression, Song Xia was puzzled. She didn't know why she suddenly started feeling guilty.

She froze for a while before awkwardly retracting her outstretched hand.

She then worriedly asked him, "Are you alright?! What happened earlier?"

Ellen looked at her for a while before looking away and coldly said, "What does it have to do with you?!"

What does it have to do with you...

Song Xia was shocked as she bit her lips and lowered her head slightly.

That's right, who was she to ask him..

They were just acquaintances to begin with; no more than that.

Whatever happened to him, had nothing to do with her..

Song Xia pursed her lips as she softly murmured, "Oh, sorry.. I was just.." worried about you.

Halfway through her sentence, she paused and frowned.

When did she start to worry about him?! This guy..

Before, she was the one who wanted to avoid him while he chased after her.

But now the roles seemed to have been exchanged somehow..

Wait.. No, this wasn't right; how could she even be worried about this guy?!

She was probably overthinking!

After Song Xia stopped talking, the atmosphere turned quiet. The both of them silently stood before each other..

One was busy in her own thoughts while the other seemed to regret his actions.

The little kid expressionlessly looked at the both of them who seemed to be having a competition to see who will stay quiet for longer..

After a few minutes of some more silence, he coughed as he said nonchalantly, "Big Sister, Uncle, are you two forgetting me?"

His words broke the long silence between them. Song Xia looked at the little kid and awkwardly apologized to him.

She then secretly peeked at Ellen and was wondering whether he would explode in anger or not when he heard the little kid call him 'uncle'.

Surprisingly, the man seemed to have no reaction even though he called him uncle. He looked dazed and lost as if he was in his own world..

Seeing his lonely figure standing there in a daze, Song Xia was distracted slightly.

The little kid sighed lightly as he whispered, "Why did Uncle yell at you earlier?"

Song Xia shook her head lightly with a confused expression.

How could she know what this devil was thinking?! He suddenly exploded at her which startled her greatly!

"Oh right, let me lead you to the bathroom! I've asked around for a while and finally found someone who knew about the directions.."

Song Xia said to the little kid who was beside her as they headed towards the bathroom. Ellen was also following behind them with a poker face.

"Oh, here it is!"

Just as she exclaimed her sentence, she spotted an anxious woman squatting outside the bathroom who was currently crying her eyes out.

Song Xia instantly froze as she was in disbelief, staring at that familiar face.

Right that moment she heard the little guy exclaim as he pointed at that woman's direction: "Big Sister, she's my mother!"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》