My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
77 Young Master Yu, You“re Being Nosy!
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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77 Young Master Yu, You“re Being Nosy!

Upon noticing Ellen's gaze on him, the man coldly stared back at him.

Song Xia blinked and watched as the two men locked gazes with fierce eyes and sparks flew. It was as if they were arch-enemies.

She didn't know what to do as she stood there helplessly.

The people, who were passing by, occasionally stopped and glanced at them with curiosity.

Afterall, two handsome men and a beautiful woman at a street attracted attention easily. And of course this type of formation, also ignited the passerbys' heart with curiosity and thirst for drama.

Their gazes made Song Xia slightly blush with embarrassment.

She tugged at Ellen and whispered, "Hey, do you know him?"

The latter shifted his attention to her and when he heard the question, he pursed his lips before indifferently saying, "No."

Song Xia was taken aback as well as speechless. 'As if I would believe you!'

She clearly saw his ugly expression earlier when he looked at the guy in the front but why was he lying through his teeth? Doesn't he have any conscience?

As the both of them were busy talking, the man before them shifted his gaze to Song Xia and was just about to move his gaze away but abruptly froze when he clearly saw her face.

His cold eyes cracked instantly.

That familiar face, how could he forget it?

"Yin'er.." The name that he used to call out in his dreams along with the girl who had always resided in his heart, appeared in his mind.

He felt as if he was dreaming..

The man subconsciously approached Song Xia with a gentle expression, unlike his earlier coldness.

Upon realizing his 'bad' intentions, Ellen immediately pulled Song Xia behind him.

The latter blanked out for a while and didn't know what was happening at all. So, she kept quiet and obediently stood behind him while also peeking her head out.

The look on that man's face was as if he was looking at his most precious treasure..

It made her shudder with goosebumps!

When he looked at her, his expression made it appear as if he was very close to her. If she didn't know well, she'd have thought that they were best friends!

But she was clearly sure that she had never seen this man before and this was their first meeting.

"Yin'er.." The man reached his hands out towards Song Xia with red eyes brimming with tears but was soon blocked by Ellen.

The latter's face had already turned dark by now.

As he obstructed the man's outstretched arm, Ellen said with a bone-chilling tone, "Yu Jin, what do you think you are doing?! She isn't Xue Yin; she's my girlfriend!"

As soon as his words fell, the man named Yu Jin, seemed to have come back to his senses.

He immediately regained his icy composure and stepped back while also trying to look behind Ellen.

Just now, he seemed to have been muddle-headed by missing her to death; so much that he mistook a random woman for her.

Yes, he must've seen wrong.. How could Yin'er be here? She was already..

Yu Jin looked at Ellen and sensed his oppressive aura attacking him.

He pursed his thin lips before lowering his head slightly and greeting him aloofly, "Long time no see, Mr. Ellen. I never knew you had a girlfriend. May I bother you to introduce her to me?"

Ellen smiled arrogantly as he shielded Song Xia's body completely with his own, "Young Master Yu, don't you feel you're being a little nosy? My personal matters have nothing to do with you."

While the both of them were talking (fighting), Song Xia lifted her head and was shocked to meet Yu Jin's deep eyes.

She felt as if those pair of eyes were looking deep inside her heart and soul. They were cold but not really hostile.

Noticing Yu Jin's stare behind him, Ellen turned his head and said softly, "Xiao Xia, get inside the car."

He pointed at the black car that suddenly appeared not too far away from them. Song Xia blinked her eyes and obediently walked towards that car.

While passing by Yu Jin, she turned her head and looked at him. Her eyes met his and her mouth twitched a little. 'This guy... could he be a pervert?'

She touched her face and murmured, "Could it be that he took a liking to me?" No that shouldn't be the case..

Her murmur was soft but as Yu Jin was near, he could hear it clearly..

Pervert Yu Jin: "..."

Now he was sure that she wasn't his Yin'er. His Yin'er wasn't a narcissist like her.

But that face.. was indeed strikingly similar to that of her.. When he went back later, he'd surely investigate this girl.

Song Xia swept a glance at those kittens in the box who were now looking at her pitifully and she stopped in her tracks.

She took a deep breath before looking away and walking to the black car.

She couldn't afford to raise herself, much less these little kittens..

'Don't worry, kittens! Once I've earned enough, I'll surely come and pick you up!'

Behind her, those kittens watched her back and meowed pitifully.

Song Xia could only fasten her footsteps and step inside the car. After getting inside, she immediately spotted the dejected Secretary Han slumped on the driver seat.

The latter also noticed her arrival and quickly straightened his back and greeted her with a smile, "Miss!"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》