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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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78 A Big Taboo

Song Xia smiled and greeted him back.

After sitting in the car, she curiously asked while pointing at the two men's direction.

"Secretary Han, do you know who that Young Master Yu is? Why is he so hostile towards Ellen?"

Secretary Han turned back and smiled weakly, "Miss, I don't dare to gossip behind Boss' back.."

Song Xia pursed her lips and said, "Oh, then forget it."

She will ask that guy herself after he returns.

Secretary Han sighed and started speaking, "Since Miss wants to listen so much, this subordinate will.."

He paused halfway when he realized that she hadn't insisted on telling her at all. He sheepishly smiled and kept quiet.

Unable to bear the awkward atmosphere along with his gossipy nature, Secretary Han spoke with a solemn expression.

"Young Master Yu is from a very powerful military background. He is the Eldest Young Master of the Yu Family..

"I don't know the details of the feud between Boss and him but before then, they were very close to each other along with Sir Tang (Tang Yan).

"The three of them often hung out with each other but after a big incident happened, Young Master Yu broke off all ties with them..

"As for what happened exactly, I don't really know."

After he finished speaking, Song Xia pondered for a while before asking, "Do you know someone called Xue Yin?"

That man kept calling her Yin'er and she didn't know why.

Could it be.. that she looked like that girl? (A/N: Yo, our Xia really hit the nail right on the head!)

Hearing her words, Secretary Han froze for a moment. Noticing his strange behavior, Song Xia raised her head and saw the expression on his face..

It was as if he had seen a ghost..

She was just about to say something, when Secretary Han lowered his voice and warned her.

"Miss, please don't mention this name in front of others, whether it is Sir Tang or Boss. It's a taboo among the masters."

The panic and fear in his eyes made Song Xia frown with confusion.

'Such a ruckus only for this single name, tsk tsk, it's as if I dug a big dark secret of those high class people (A/N: Xia is acting as if she isn't one of them)!'

Surely, their circle was really different from hers! Even bringing up a name was a big taboo feared by people.

But even though she was curious, she kept it to herself and didn't press on the matter.

Anyway, if she wanted, she had her own ways of finding out..

She took out her phone and started playing it.

Suddenly, there was a notification sound indicating that there was a text message.

She clicked it and her eyes narrowed slightly.

[Miss, some people have been investigating about you recently. I've covered up your information temporarily. Please be a little careful when you go out from now on.]

[Okay, I know. Have you finished investigating about that matter?]

[No, Miss. But we have got some leads regarding your accident that happened one year ago.]

Song Xia's fingers froze, her expression turned cold. Then she typed.

[Tell me what you've found.]

[The accident took place at XX Road, after your car had collided with a big truck. Your car was destroyed by the impact and suffered a great damage wholly.

Coincidentally, at that time, the CCTV footage of that area was also not working at that time. So, no video evidence was found regarding your accident.]

[Just get to the point.]

[But the police who had investigated your case, reported that they found your car near a cliff at another street and even the truck had vanished from the scene afterwards.

As they didn't find your dead body anywhere, later you were naturally declared dead.]

The other person saw that she had no reaction, so they expressed their conclusion instantly:

[Miss, according to my perspective, the accident that happened one year ago wasn't actually an accident. It was an attempted murder.]

Song Xia stared at that message for a while before texting [I know.] and deleting the whole conversation.

She turned her phone off and sighed lightly while staring at a distance, dazed.

Attempted murder..

She'd already suspected that her accident was fake and was just a coverup. But she was still stunned at her own suspicions being real.


Who would want to kill her?

Instantly, three names appeared in her mind.

Zhang Qiao? Guan Shan? Or..

Long Chen?

Her heart tightened slightly when she thought of Long Chen and she sneered.

'Song Xia, thought you could move on, but at the end of the day, you're still sad and hurt thinking of him.. Whom are you lying to, acting all tough?'

But.. Her brows furrowed.

It didn't make any sense.

The three of them, no matter how vicious they were, she didn't believe that they could kill her.

After all, for Zhang Qiao, she viewed her as nothing more than an ugly beggar.

For Guan Shan, he viewed her as an ugly woman, not worthy of his time and attention.

And as for Long Chen..

Judging by his words "difference between heaven and earth" (A/N: from the earlier chapters)..

He probably thought that he was a God up high while she was the mud in the ground.

No matter how you thought, these people couldn't possibly see her as a threat to them.

Her world was already crumbling down at that time and no one could be bothered with her, much less try to kill her..

Unless, they all teamed up to kill her..


There was another hidden enemy who wanted her dead..

"What are you thinking about?"

Song Xia's eyelashes trembled and she immediately regained her senses when she heard Ellen's voice.

Surprisingly, he was sitting beside her right now.

Her heart leapt into her throat.

'Had he possibly seen those texts?'

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》