My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
80 I Won“t Ever Hurt You Like He Did!
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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80 I Won“t Ever Hurt You Like He Did!

Then Wang Yuju walked away.

Seeing her walking away like that, Ning Hao quickly chased after her and grabbed her wrist.

Wang Yuju turned around and looked at him indifferently. Ning Hao suddenly felt suffocated, seeing her expression.

Yes, she was always this cold towards him. Yet, when she was in front of that guy, she was always smiling.

This vast difference in treatment was seriously biased. She was too cruel to him yet he couldn't bring himself to stop loving her..

"Ning Hao, let go!" Wang Yuju struggled to get out of his grip but he didn't let go and instead tightened his grip around her wrist.

"Yuju, why can't you give me a chance? In which way am I inferior than him? Can't you just give me one chance! I promise I won't hurt you like he did!"

Wang Yuju looked at her wrist which had already turned red due to his tight grip. "Ning Hao, let me go! You're hurting me!"

Ning Hao instantly let go of her hand and was stunned.

He reached out to her wrist again but before he could touch it, Wang Yuju had already taken few steps behind. "Yuju, I'm sorry, I didn't.."

While rubbing her wrist, she laughed and spoke in a very cold tone: "Ning Hao, you just said that you won't hurt me; then what is this?" All men do is lie!

Ning Hao panicked as he tried to say something but nothing came out of his mouth. "Yuju, I.."

Wang Yuju sneered, "Moreover, you can never compare to him. In my heart, he's always been the most outstanding man! You don't have any right to speak ill of him..

"I respected you before because you were my senior but if you keep talking bad about the man I love, don't blame me for cutting ties with you!"

She then walked away in a hurry.

Yes, she knew she was being heartless. But if she didn't behave like this, it would give him false hopes and expectations instead.

It was better to be blunt and avoid these types of unnecessary events from happening again.

She admitted that he was a good guy but she knew that she couldn't reciprocate his feelings so she had to push him away ruthlessly..

Ning Hao looked at her disappearing back with a pained and hurt expression.

The man she loved.. Heh, he knew that he could never compare to him in her heart..

He had known this all along..

He knew it yet when Xia Meng had told him about her return, he had disregarded everything, just to catch a glimpse of her..


It was only his wishful thinking that he could take this chance and be together with her, yet once again, she had rejected him firmly..

The bouquet in his hand dropped in the ground as he stood there blankly.


At a cafe.

Xia Meng caressed Wang Yuju's red hand as she bellowed angrily.

"Yuju, who did this to you?! Let me tell you, I'll go kill that person right now! How could someone dare to hurt my person! They sure have a lot of guts! I'm going to take revenge for you! So quickly tell me his name, Yuju!"

Wang Yuju didn't answer as she expressionlessly took her hand back and asked her own question instead, "Were you the one who told Senior Ning about my return?"

Xia Meng froze and instantly revealed a guilty expression. She forced a smile as she said, "Yes.."

Wang Yuju sighed softly. I knew it. "Why?"

Xia Meng immediately answered with an expression full of justice and righteousness, "I told him this because I couldn't bear to see you pained by that little b*stard! My heart ached for you so I contacted Senior Ning to-"

Wang Yuju smiled coldly, "To help me move on?"

Xia Meng nodded her head but then shook her head immediately. "No, no, how could I do that?! I just told him because.. well I.."

Xia Meng abruptly paused. "Wait how did you know that I told Senior Ning about your return? Did he come to meet you?"

Wang Yuju nodded her head and said slowly, "Not only did he come to meet me but he also.."

A bad premonition suddenly rose in her heart..

No, what could Senior Ning possibly do to Yuju? She's probably only messing around with me..

Xia Meng took a sip of her coffee to calm herself down.

Yet the next moment, she immediately spat out the coffee when Wang Yuju showed her red wrist and said coolly, "He also did this to me."

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》