My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
82 A Gathering To Admire The Girl She Hated
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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82 A Gathering To Admire The Girl She Hated

- Meanwhile, at the garden of Zhang Mansion.

Zhang Qian Mi was currently having tea-party with a group of ladies from rich families. They were chatting with each other with pretentious courtesies and fake smiles.

One lady asked while pointing at Zhang Qian Mi's necklace with envy and jealousy visible in her eyes, "Qianqian, where did you get such a beautiful necklace from? It looks quite expensive!"

Another lady also chimed in, "Wow, what a pretty necklace! I bet it's a gift from your father!"

At the mention of her "father", all the ladies fell silent. Zhang Qian Mi's face also darkened slightly.

Because they all knew that Zhang Qian Mi's relationship with her father was only warm on the surface. In reality, it was not so good.

At least not good enough for him to give such a precious necklace to her..

Zhang Qian Mi snorted coldly in her heart.

It didn't matter anyway, because she was soon going to be the Mistress of the Li Family! That father of hers will surely come and try to curry favor with her!

She slowly opened her mouth and said with a gentle smile, "It's not Daddy who gave this gift to me.." She then pursed her lips and shyly said, "It was Brother Ming.."

Following her words, the ladies around her became silent once again.

The lady who had asked the question first, dryly replied, "Oh I see.."

No one believed her words. Who didn't know that Zhang Qian Mi had a crush on Li Ming?

It wasn't as if she hadn't tried fooling them before with an item that she bought herself, claiming it was Li Ming who gave her that item.

So, one conclusion reached every lady present: It must be a counterfeit necklace.

But no one dared to say anything because they were attending Zhang Qian Mi's tea party and they were also currently in the Zhang Family's Mansion.

When Zhang Qian Mi saw that none of the ladies believed her, she gritted her teeth.

'You all just wait! Once I become the Mistress of the Li Family, you all will come to lick my feet! Then you'll come to know that this necklace was really given by Brother Ming!'

Actually, her words were half-true. Even though, Li Ming didn't directly give her the necklace and it was only a part of the betrothal gifts, she believed that it didn't matter.

Gradually, the topic changed.

"I heard that Miss Wang entered the company today!"

"Which Miss Wang?" A lady in blue dress asked out of curiosity.

"Of course it's Miss Wang Yuju whose welcome party was held yesterday!"

"It's the Miss from the Wang Family who disappeared for a decade and suddenly appeared in public's eyes last night!"

Hearing that, Zhang Qian Mi's fingers which held the teacup, paused.

She recalled the beautiful face of Wang Yuju and the events that transpired in the party yesterday which made her heart burned with jealousy. 'That lucky sl*t who seduced Brother Ming!'

"Oh, really? She just came yesterday and entered the company right away? Wow, what a efficient lady she is!"

"How did you find out? I had no idea about it at all!"

"I found out from my father today! My father works in the Wang Company! He praised her saying that Miss Wang Yuju is so filial and talented and that I should learn something from her!"

Zhang Qian Mi looked at the ladies' faces full of admiration and respect and her face twitched with anger.

'Shouldn't they curse her saying that she's such a pretentious woman?! Why was it that everyone seemed to like that sl*t!'

Another lady said while clasping her hands, her eyes contained envy and admiration. "I met her at the welcome party yesterday and she was so breathtakingly beautiful!"

"Not to mention, she was so gentle and friendly that I almost thought we were long time friends!"

"Yes! If it were any other lady with her status, she would've been so haughty and arrogant!" Someone exclaimed while throwing subtle contemptuous glances at Zhang Qian Mi.

Zhang Qian Mi watched as the tea-party she had hosted with the motive to show off her gifts that she got from "Li Ming", turn into a gathering to admire the girl she hated the most.

But she couldn't do anything. She stuffed the pastry in her mouth and though her mouth felt sweet, her heart was actually full of bitterness.

Her bestfriend, Feng Shishi, noticed her actions and she quickly changed the topic by asking, "Oh right, why didn't Gu Ran attend the tea-party?"

The lady in the blue dress, opened her mouth and said bluntly.

"I will never attend a gathering hosted by an illegitimate b*stard in my life!"

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》