My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
84 “Why Are You So Useless?!“
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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84 “Why Are You So Useless?!“

Zhang Qian Mi flew into a rage again.

"Rumors?! Feng Shishi, rumors have been spreading about me yet you're still doing nothing! Quickly go and find out who spread these rumors! Once I find out who did it, I will make them pay the price! Also I want you to suppress all the rumors about me by today!"

Feng Shishi cursed her in her heart but she said softly, "Qianqian.. I've already tried my best! I-I cannot find out who did it and I also can't suppress the rumors as they've spread like wildfire.. By now, everyone in Beijing might've already found out about them-"

"Feng Shishi, why're you so useless?! You can't even handle a single matter properly! When I told you to spread a rumor about me and Brother Ming, you couldn't even do it correctly! Now that rumors spread about me, you say you're helpless! Are you taking me for an idiot?!"

Zhang Qian Mi threw a hairpin at her in anger. The sharp pin immediately pierced into Feng Shishi's delicate face as she plopped down on her knees. She cried in pain as she lowered her bleeding head.

"I'm seriously so disappointed that I have such an useless bestfriend like you!"

Zhang Qian Mi said as she looked down on Feng Shishi. The latter clenched her teeth and her eyes, which were lowered, contained immense hatred.

What could she do except bow her head and keep quiet like this? Her own father had sent her here to curry favor with Zhang Qian Mi and even turned a blind eye to whatever happened to her. So she could only live like a slave next to her.

Best friend was just a baseless title; Zhang Qian Mi didn't even treat her like a human, much less friend.

But.. she couldn't do anything..

Since she couldn't do anything...

Then she must shift the anger towards others!

Feng Shishi controlled her emotions and suddenly raised her head, acting as if realization hit her. "Qianqian, I might know who did this.."

Zhang Qian Mi was just about to torture her to death when she heard her words.

She narrowed her eyebrows with hatred in her eyes, "Tell me!"



- Long Estate, In the living room.

Zhang Qiao sat on the sofa while sipping her tea. She gracefully put down her teacup as she watched the TV with great interest.

A news reporter was currently reporting, "The Song Corporation have now become a subsidiary company under the Long Family. Today, CEO Long announced that the Song Family's Representative have signed a formal agreement.."

"..As CEO Long Chen is the shareholder with the most shares under the Song Corporation, he has taken over the company today. Mr. Guan Shan who has the second highest number of shares, has been chosen to be the CEO of the company which has resulted in the Song Family being kicked out.."

A smug expression hung on her beautiful face.

'Tsk tsk, Song Xia, you little b*tch. If you hadn't been born in the first place, your poor parents could've escaped this fate. Alas, this all wouldn't have happened. See, everything you had, has become mine. Whether it's the Song Corporation, your life fortune as well as your Long Chen..'

'Now that you're dead, I feel a little lonely without having you to play with. But don't worry, I'll naturally take care of Ah-Chen in your stead. And I'll also take care of the things you left behind after death.'

As she shook her head, Zhang Qiao came back to her senses when she saw someone enter the room, followed by the guards.

"Zhang Qiao! You b*tch! How dare you!" Zhang Qian Mi roared as she lunged towards her but she got caught by the guards.

Zhang Qiao sighed.

'Alas, after that ugly woman died, only this little b*tch still remained. I wish she could die as well. So, that this annoying b*tch and that ugly b*tch could be together in hell. And I could have a peaceful life.'

"Zhang Qiao! You! Ah, let me go! I need to teach this b*tch a lesson, you ****!"

Zhang Qiao massaged her head as she listened to her curses. 'Such a vulgar thing. Just like that sl*t mother of hers.'

She waved the guards away and made them leave. 'Anyway, this b*tch can't do anything except cursing me.'

But she had truly underestimated her.

Because the moment the guards left, Zhang Qian Mi pounced on her and started pulling her hair hard.

"AHH!" Zhang Qiao screeched as she tried to get her hair out from her grasp.

She had just gotten her hair styled by a famous hairstylist recently, yet now it turned into a mess because of this annoying b*tch's pulling.

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》