My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
85 Fight Between The Half-Sisters
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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85 Fight Between The Half-Sisters

"Ah, Zhang Qian Mi! Let go of me! Stop pulling my hair!!"

Zhang Qiao pushed Zhang Qian Mi away but the latter was determined as she raised her hand and slapped her hard on her face.

"You b*tch! How dare you spread rumors about me?! I'm going to kill you today, Zhang Qiao!"

Zhang Qiao tried to defend herself but as a noble lady, she knew nothing about self-defense skills. Moreover, Zhang Qian Mi, who had been born among commoners and spent her first few years in the street, knew how to fight due to the struggle. So she naturally had the upper hand.

Zhang Qiao said amidst her pain, "What.. what rumor are you talking about?!"

Zhang Qian Mi snickered, "Now you're pretending to not know, huh?! After embarrassing me in front of the whole Beijing, you're acting innocent?! You b*tch, let me beat you to death! Then you'll realize what rumors I'm talking about!"

Hearing the commotion in the living room, Long Chen came down from upstairs with a frown in his gentle face. "Xiao Qiaoqiao, you-"

When he saw the situation inside the room, his face turned cold. "What are you doing?!"

He rushed to separate Zhang Qian Mi and Zhang Qiao from each other.

After separating them, he took the slightly dizzy Zhang Qiao in his arms and called the guards. He scolded them coldly, "What were you doing when the Mistress was being harassed?!"

The guards trembled as they apologized profusely but Long Chen's anger didn't subside.

At least not until Zhang Qiao gently pulled his sleeves and said while crying pitifully, "Brother Chen, don't be angry.. The guards left with my order.. I-I didn't know that little sister, Qianqian would actually.."

Long Chen shot an icy stare at Zhang Qian Mi who was subdued by the guards. The latter trembled and blurted out, "I-I wouldn't have fought you if you hadn't spread rumors about me!"

Long Chen looked at her and asked softly, "Qiaoqiao, did you do it?" Zhang Qiao revealed a surprised expression as she shook her head, "I don't even know what little sister is talking about! Ah-Chen, you don't believe me?"

When Long Chen saw the genuine confused look in her face, he gently said, "Of course I believe you! I was just confirming.."

He then turned to Zhang Qian Mi and uttered coldly, "Did you hear that? She doesn't have anything to do with the rumors!"

Actually, Zhang Qiao was really puzzled. She had no idea what was happening at all.

'What the hell is this b*tch talking about? What rumors? I don't even have time to deal with my own business, why would I go spreading rumors about you?'

She then sneered, 'Is she slandering me on purpose or does she really think I have time to play with her?'

Zhang Qian Mi was a victim as well. She was misled by Feng Shishi into thinking that it was her evil half-sister who had spread the rumors.

When she realized what actually happened, she became furious as well as wronged.

'That Feng Shishi! How dare she play with me?! Who does she think she is?! Ugh, because of that sl*t, I came here and dug my own grave!'

Zhang Qian Mi bit her lips as she quickly said, "Brother-In-Law, it was just a misunderstanding, please don't mind! I was mistaken and did a big mistake by beating Sister Qiao! Please let me go this once! I promise I won't seek trouble from now on!"

Long Chen smirked coldly, "So after you've beat up my wife, you're saying it was just a misunderstanding and you didn't mean it? Heh, when did I, Long Chen, become so benevolent to let an outsider hurt my wife and even let them go?"

Zhang Qiao embraced him while peering at the pale Zhang Qian Mi as she clicked her tongue.

'Tsk, Dirty B*stard, you've truly dug your own grave by beating me up! You were in the losing end right from the beginning! If I want, you'd die thousand times without even knowing how you died! But..'

'I won't let you die just yet.' It was no fun if she let her go like this.

As a chilly glint flashed in her eyes, she slowly opened her mouth and spoke in a hurt tone.

"Ah-Chen.. Let Qianqian go this time.. I know she didn't mean it.. I-I was also in the wrong.. After all, Qianqian still holds a grudge against me that Father doesn't like her.. Oh I didn't mean to say that.. I.."

Long Chen patted her head, "It's okay, you don't have to say anything."

He indifferently looked at Zhang Qian Mi, "Consider yourself lucky that you have a kind elder sister like Qiaoqiao. I'll let you off this time; next time, I'm not sure what I'll do to you if this happens again. Guards, take her away."

Then he led Zhang Qiao upstairs.

Hatred and jealousy was visible in Zhang Qian Mi's eyes. She pushed away the guards and said arrogantly, "I'll go by myself!" The guards shrugged as they let her be but still surrounded her, as if afraid that she'll make a fuss again.

Zhang Qian Mi looked at Zhang Qiao who was clinging onto Long Chen as she clenched her fists and vowed in her heart.

'Zhang Qiao, for the humiliation and insult you've given me since I entered the Zhang Family, I will make you pay hundred times the price! Just you wait! Once I become the Mistress of Li Family, I will personally bring an end to your life!'

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》