My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
86 Misunderstanding Part 1
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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86 Misunderstanding Part 1

- Australia, at a certain hotel.

Tang Yan was currently complaining to his mother.

"Mom, how could you set me up in a blind date when I've agreed to be single for the rest of my life!"

Hanna elegantly set down her cup as she said, "Look how old you are! At your age, your father was already married to me! You should quickly find a good daughter-in-law for me! So that this old woman can die in peace!"

Tang Yan became more furious as he said, "Mom! How could you talk about your death? I'm telling you that you will still be young and healthy even after father dies!"

Butler Han, who was standing by the side, "..."

'Young Master, can you not talk about Master like that?! Mistress, look at what your son is saying! Please tell him not to talk like that about his own father!'

Contrary to his expectations, Hanna laughed as she added, "Obviously that old fellow is gonna die before me! Look, Mom is still young and pretty! I can easily find you a new Dad if you want!"

Butler Han: "..?!" Alas, what did I even expect! The mother-son duo are truly birds of a feather! I'll just pretend as if I didn't hear anything..

Tang Yan spoke seriously, "Mom, why are you changing the topic? I'm telling you once again, in this life, I'll never ever get married!"

Hanna sighed, "Xiao Yan, I'm not going to change my mind! Did you not like the girl from the Wu Family? Then what do you think of Old Fang's Daughter? I heard she courted you before! How about Chloe, Ellen's cousin? She grew up with you two so you must be familiar with her!"

Tang Yan rolled his eyes, "Mom, what are you talking about? That Fang girl is only after me because of my looks and status! And that girl you set me up with, also had a similar motive!

"And if I marry Chloe, Ellen will surely kill me if he finds out I don't have any feelings for her!"

That guy treats her like his own little sister! If I choose her, I can already imagine my dark future! If he finds out that I'm playing with her feelings, he'll kill me directly! But the main point is that haughty girl is not my type!

Hanna shook her head helplessly, "That child, Ellen will surely understand! And after marriage, who knows if you'll gain feelings for her? This way, we can connect the Qian and Tang Family with a marriage! And I can see no other better candidate than Chloe!"

Tang Yan persisted, "But I.."

Hanna blinked, "Do you have a girl in mind?"


Tang Yan was puzzled.

He didn't know why but Song Xia's face suddenly surfaced in his mind.

He abruptly came to his senses and found his heart beating rapidly.

'What type of thought am I having? No, no, how can I have thoughts on someone who Ellen likes..'

Watching her son's flushed expression, Hanna's eyes twinkled. Her beautiful face, which showed no signs of aging, glowed with anticipation.

"Xiao Yan, don't tell me you have a girl you like! Quickly tell me who she is!"

Tang Yan face-palmed in his heart. He was perplexed himself about his feelings towards Song Xia.

His mind told him he didn't like her while his heart told him he liked her.

'What should I do? Should I say I like her or not? No way do I like her..'

He promptly had another idea.

'No, wait if I say I'm dating someone, my mom will surely give up on setting me up with someone else! After this crisis ends, I will say we broke up and I'm so hurt that I don't want to date anyone else! Then I can avoid these annoying blind dates! Wow, what a genius I am!'

He contemplated before revealing a loving and gentle expression.

"Mom, actually, I already have someone I love. We.. we are currently dating and are in love with each other. We kept our relationship a secret because her career doesn't let her engage in relationships. So, please understand.."

Tang Yan was very touched with his own acting.

'I'm so proud of myself! Not only am I a good doctor, I can also be an excellent cook, talented fashionista as well as an Oscar-winning actor! I should just marry myself because no one is on par with me!'

Hanna was taken aback by his expression.

'Judging by his words, it seems that what I thought was true. That beautiful girl who was shopping with my son, really was my daughter-in-law! Even though I still think Chloe is a better choice, this girl is not that bad.'

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》