My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
87 A Misunderstanding Part 2
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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87 A Misunderstanding Part 2

As she pondered, Qin Hanna suddenly frowned as doubt rose in her heart.

She flashed a suspicious look at her son who had just sighed in relief, "Didn't you say that you agreed to be single for life just a moment ago?"

Tang Yan froze.

'Oh no! Because of the things I said earlier, Mom seems to suspect my made-up story! I shouldn't have lied in the first place now I can't go back on my words..'

He calmed himself down as he laughed dryly and said, "Mom, I was just trying to deceive you earlier! As I told you earlier, my girlfriend's career doesn't allow her to be in a relationship and blah blah.."

Only then did the suspicious expression on Hanna's face disappeared.

She asked with a gentle smile, "Xiao Yan, when are you going to introduce her to me then?"

'How can I introduce you to a girlfriend, who doesn't even exist? I mean science hasn't reached that stage yet when an imaginary person which only exist in my mind, can meet you.'

Tang Yan swallowed his words and spoke in a gentle tone, "Actually, to be honest, my Yue'er is very shy and introverted. We only just started dating recently and she is busy all day long so let's not discuss this anymore. I'll naturally bring her to see Mom once our relationship stabilizes."

Hearing his soft tone when he was talking about that girl, Qin Hanna was satisfied and didn't insist on meeting her anymore.

"Her name is Yue'er?"

'Another lie.. Whatever, I'll just bite the bullet.'

Tang Yan pursed his lips and nodded his head, "Her full name is Xiao Bai Yue."

"Xiao Bai Yue.. That's a pretty name. I hope that I can meet her soon. Work hard; I won't disturb you from now on."

Qin Hanna was pleased as she said with a big smile.

Tang Yan smiled and nodded his head profusely, "Yes, I will do my best. Thank you, Mom."

He then asked curiously, "Mom, why did you suddenly come to Australia?"

Qin Hanna laughed as she saw through him, "Oh, are you not happy that I came?"

Tang Yan choked guiltily.

"No, how can I not be?! What I-I meant was why didn't you inform me beforehand that you were coming? I could've prepared something for you!"

He shot a murderous glance at Butler Han who was standing by the side.

'Why didn't you inform me that Mother came to Australia?! Now my days are sure going to be hectic!'

Butler Han revealed a helpless expression.

'I was also surprised myself that Madam wanted to come here! I couldn't inform you at all as I had to accompany her 24/7! Don't blame me for this, Young Master!'

Tang Yan scorned.

'How could I not blame you?! Now, I'm gonna be damned for sure! If I didn't have master level patience, I wouldn't have lasted even for a while, seeing that Wu girl coquettishly following me around all day!'

Seeing his scornful gaze, Butler Han could already guess what he was thinking.

'This Young Master of mine is so arrogant and narcissist that my old body is nearly collapsing at his self-boasts!'

Qin Hanna looked at the two of them exchanging glances with each other and smiled.

"Xiao Yan, your phone is ringing non-stop. If you don't pick it up, I'm afraid your phone is about to explode any moment."

Tang Yan glanced at his phone and was surprised to see so many missed calls. He smiled as he excused himself to take the call.

After he left, Hanna glanced at the butler and asked mysteriously, "What do you think about this Xiao Bai Yue? Is she the girl from that mall?"

Butler Han was stunned for a while before saying.

"It should be her.. As Young Master hasn't been in such close contact with any other girls recently except for her, it must be her."

Hanna nodded lightly, "You're right. I'm rather interested in her identity though. Why couldn't we find anything else except her name?"

Butler Han pondered before carefully speaking, "I can think of a reason but I don't know if it is true or not."

He looked at Hanna who didn't say anything as if she was waiting for his answer and continued, "..She must have a very powerful background."

Qin Hanna's eyes deepened at his words.

'Powerful background? Who could be more powerful than the Tang \u0026 Qin Family combined?'

...Unless it's someone from their circle.

But that was not possible though.

The people from their circle were all scattered around in the foreign countries and it was very rare for them to cross roads with each other.

So, the sole reason was also crossed out from her head.

Hanna creased her forehead.

'Who exactly is she?'

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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》